Revelations March 2019

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New Moon in PiscesVery spiritual month ahead with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and the New Moon in Pisces too!

New Tarot classes to begin and we ask the Tarot how important is Meditation?

For more Tarot news Revelations March 2019.

Revelations February 2019

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Chinese New Year Earth Pig 2Happy Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig. What does your fortune hold for 2019!

In this issue, there is the Astro report for Feb, Mercury and Venus take center stage for this month. As well as dates and times for my new classes and Calendar of Events.

For more news, click on Revelations February 2019

Port Douglas

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WaterholeI achieved one of my goals from my to do list already in this New Year!

I visited Port Douglas, walked along the beach and swan in a Water hole in the Daintree Forest. Absolutely refreshing for my soul!

And yes I got sunburnt too!


Dr John Demartini Refresher

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Adele  RuAbout once a year I get to go and see Dr John Demartini for a top up on his philosophies. His beliefs and the Demartini Method.

Very illuminating, refreshing and confirming.



Mind Body Spirit Festival - Melbourne November 2018

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3 morning walkAnother year completed with Festivals, ending with the fabulous Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne.

Before we start the day doing our readings, we meet for Brekky and then we do the slow walk around and check out all the stalls. Have to get my blessing from the Buddhist monk Tender and purchase anything that needs to come home.

Healesville Zoo

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Murrundini  MeAt leaset once a year I love to visit Healesville Zoo and see all the adorable Aussie animals!

This time I also got to catch up with Murrumdindi, one of Melbourne's Elders!

Check out his gorgeous Didg!

Revelations December 2018

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Xmas 2018By the end of this month we will be celebrating Xmas and New Years! Mercury and Venus still in Scorpio, but many planets will move into the delightful Sagittarius energy and its time to celebrate our wins!

Thank you to everyone for your love and support throughout this year. May you enjoy your Xmas with loved ones and may 2019 be the absolute best!

Also in this issue new Tarot class dates for 2019. Click here for more Revelations December 2018.

Professor Michio Kaku

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Prof MichioSo honoured to go see Prof Michio Kaku through the This is 42 group!

It was fabulous and exciting to hear all about the Future of Humanity from an extraordinary Prof like him. He was part of the team that discovered String theory.

Of course I bought a signed book and mug with "Don't Panic" on it, hahaha!

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