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Astrology Forecast September 2023

Written by Ruanna on .
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Revelations #196
~ September 2023 ~

Manual resizedYou know, it takes a lot of work when you have your own business. There is always the website to update, but also social media with marketing and advertising your readings, then setting up classes, keeping a database, answering emails and making appointments.

Do you have a system manual
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You also need a team around you, because you cannot do it all by yourself. The accountant, the bank manager, there are coaches that can keep focused and on track and IT specialists.

Then you have to keep on learning, because there is always a new way of doing things. For example, I will be adding a Booking system to my website soon, so people can book online. Why? Because so many people book in this way today.

The more you work on yourself,
the further along you can take your client. 

Also, you have to still read books, listen to podcasts, do courses to keep the learning and growing for yourself, whether its spiritually or studying a new skill to enhance your current work.

Not to mention finding the time for the healing side of life, ie. having a massage, going to the gym, doing yoga and meditation. It's a constant dance.

This is why I encourage people to purchase from small businesses. So much goes on behind the scenes. Why do we do it all? Because we love what we do, it's of value and it adds value to people's lives. 

Heaps of Specialness,



1. Astrological Forecast for the Month

Virgo GoddessThe month starts off with Virgo energy. Virgo is all about being structured, earthy and efficient. The fact that Mercury will remain in Virgo for the entire month will echo and support this effective energy. Mercury is still in its retrograde phase until 16 September.

The month of September is considerably more subdued than it has been in the past months, which is positive and its giving us time to breathe!

The theme for this month is about having a new awareness. This comes from the Venus retrograde in Leo and Mercury retrograde in Virgo allowing us time to ponder some deep profound thinking.

These new realisations will now become apparent as September rolls out. We will start to use some of these new fresh insights in our life. Then on 5 September, Jupiter will retrograde along with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, giving us more quiet time and a greater internal integration time.

venus DirectOn 3 September, Venus ends her retrograde phase. Venus's retrograde phase is all about developing your sense of beauty and your feeling of personal beauty, as well as your self-worth and bringing out your inner confidence. Genuinely appreciating and respecting yourself without any criticism nor judgement.

Additionally, how you perceive other people from a point of compassion rather than from a position of criticisim.

During this Venus retrograde phase, you should have had a chance to consider your own relationship patterns and the connections you have with others in your life. Been able to decide who you need to stay in a relationship with in order to progress forward, as well as who you might need to break up with in order to move on.

New Moon in VirgoOn 14 September, we have a New Moon in Virgo. A lot of information will be punctuated and brought to the surface by this New Moon in Virgo.

A great amount of clarity, transparency and obvious decision-making will take place. Some truths may unfold for you, allowing you to make sense of them, then you will clean something up and be able to move on. A lot will come together for you this month.

The New Moon in Virgo can be rather brilliant, lovely and spectacular, especially If you put in the work, you can have a powerful sensation of inner healing and inner cleaning.

Mercury Direct 9On the 15 September, Mercury in Virgo will turn direct. Mercury rules the mind, our intellect, our thoughts and responses. When Mercury goes direct, all those ideas and plans you have been mullying over have become more refind and clearer, so that you can now proceed with your plans.

Continue to organise your life, clean up your diet, get rid of any clutter, organise your home, and get rid of any bad habits. Keep being organised because it will all pay off when we reach this mid-month period.

Oppostion Mercury NeptuneMercuy in Virgo will also oppose Neptune in Pisces. This allows for the full development of one's creativity, great sensitivity, spirituality, and psychic senses to come through and the best way to really engage with this energy is to be present with it. Bring it into the present moment.

Time to make that connection with the universe and allowing divine knowledge to flow through you, this will allow you to receive information at the precise moment when you need it. All of this energy is pointing to that stunning awakening of your consciousness and to being in the moment, a returning to your power zone and to the here and now.

EquinoxOn the 24 September, we have the Equinox and the Sun moves into the sign of Libra. In the Northern Hemisphere, its Autumn time and Spring time for the Southern Hemisphere. During this time the day and the night are balanced and equal.

On 24 September (for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere), as the Sun enters Libra, it will also trigger the Aries Point. The Aries Point happens when its 0 degrees of any Cardinal sign, in this case, Libra.

The Aries Point is constantly trying to bring something forth. It's high visibility season, and something wants to stand out, be noticed and be seen. The most positive way to channel this energy is to pay attention to your inner harmony, balance, and beauty.

Mars in Libra 2We will also have Mars in Libra for the entire month of September. Mars is a strong source of inspiration and action energy.

Mars in Libra will amplify the longing for harmony, balance, beauty, acceptance and love. Make every effort to align yourself with inner and outer beauty. Then you will be in the flow of this potent powerful energy. This is the most positive way to express this powerful and wonderful Mars in Libra energy.

Full Moon in Aries 3On 29 September, we have a Full Moon in Aries.  The Warrior Principle is activated by this Full Moon in Aries, because Aries is known as the God of War.

Additionally, you must be self-sufficient, independent, a catalyst for others, and ensure that you are receiving that gourmet feast for the soul. In other words, you must be meeting your own needs and not relying on others to do it.

There is a lot of energy available to you during this Full Moon in Aries, its a potent and powerful Full Moon, this is not a gentle Full Moon!

Square Venus Uranus 2The square between Uranus and Venus is another event that is taking place during this Full Moon in Aries. This square has appeared a few times in recent months and its happening again.

When Venus and Uranus align, it indicates how crucial it is for you to connect with your unique and original self. Be authentic, shine brightly, and don't alter who you are to suit others.

Live your lovely and beautiful inner presence in a spectacular way, you have great individuality, be aware of how magnificent your true self is. Resist the urge to compromise yourself in order to please others during this period,

What a wonderful powerful month, happy breakthroughs!


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Calendar of Events for this Month!

UN Charter


United Nations International Year of:
The Millet for 2023.

United Nations Decade of:
Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
2021 to 2030.

United Nations Charter
Established 26 June 1945




** Second Hand September, is a campaign to encourage people to buy only second hand items for 30 days in the month of September.

1  First Day of Spring!
1  National Wattle Day. Wear a sprig of wattle of Australia's colours of green and gold. Greet each with a "Happy Wattle Day." Organise a picnic, lunch, morning/afternoon tea, BBQ or dinner for your family and friends.
1  National Walk to Work Day. Go on do it!
3  Australian National Flag Day. The Australian flag is unique - it was the first flag in the world to be chosen in an open competition, and it is the only flag to fly over an entire continent. It will celebrate its 122nd "birthday" in 2023.
3  Father's Day. Many Australians observe Father's Day on the first Sunday of September. It is a day for people to show their appreciation for fathers and father figures.
5  International Day of Charity. Concerned with the poverty problem, the UN called for countries to recognize and contribute towards efforts of charitable organisations and individuals.
8  Star Trek Day. Anniversary of 1st episode in 1966.
8  RUOK Day. RUOK is a suicide prevention charity in Australia, reminding people that having meaningful conversations need to happen every day.
7  National threatened Species Day, encourages the community to help conserve Australia's unique native plants and animals, and raises awareness of extinction prevention.
10  Bushcares Major Day Out. Celebrating a day to restore and maintain Australia's remaining bushland. Over 250 events held across Australia.
11  National Bilby Day in Australia, is the second Sunday of September, which campaigns for the preservation of one of Australia's most lovable, but threatened, native animals.
12  World Dolphin Day.
15  World Clean Up Day.
15 New Moon in Virgo.
Fabulous day for critical thinking.
16  International Red Panda Day.
16  International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. This event commemorates the date of signing of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in 1987.
17  Interantional Microorganism Day. From health to the environment, microbes have a role and our mission is to highlight and celebrate that on International Microorganism Day every year.
18-24  National Organic Week. (NOW) is a week of targeted media and locally-held activities designed to increase awareness of the benefits of organic products and farming production systems and accelerate the uptake of these in the wider Australian community and environment.
18  World Water Monitering Day.
19  International Red Panda Day.
21  UN World Peace Day. Each year his day is observed around the world. For 2023, we celebrated the 75th year!
21  Zero Emisissions Day.
21  Equinox. equal day and night in both northern and southern hemispheres. Ostara, Pagan, Wicca. As day and night stand equal, its important to celebrate everything that is great about being alive.
22  World Car Free Day, when people from around the globe get together in the streets to remind us all that we don't have to accept a car-dominated society.
22  World Rhino Day. Celebrates all five species of rhino: Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos.
24  World Gorilla Day.
26  World Maritime Day, aimed at ensuing that international shipping keeps up to date with technical and technological advances in safety, that it addresses the ever increasing number of environmental challenges and concerns.
25  World Rivers Day.
26  World Environmental Health Day.
28  World Rabies Day.
29  International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste Reduction.
29  Blue Ribbon Day. The Victorian Police Blue Ribbon Foundation perpetuates the memory of members of the Victorian Police killed in the line of duty.
29  AFL Grand Final Day Public Holiday (Vic).
29  Full Moon in Pisces. A dreaming mood.
29  World Rivers Day.

30  World Maritime Day.



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2. Tarot Cards Insight into the Energy of the Month...

Every month, I turn over 2 cards, one from the top of the deck to represent the Conscious energy and the other from the bottom of the deck to represent the Unconscious energy. I am always thinking of the big picture and exploring for the collective.

These two Tarot cards are loaded on my Tarot Mastery private Facebook group for students of Tarot in Action to explore and share their insights.

I asked the Tarot cards: What is the energy for the month of September 2023?
What do we need to be mindful of for this entire month?

I turned over The Lovers in the Conscious position and 3 of Wands in the Unconscious position.

6 The Lovers3 WandsWe start with The Lovers, which is a major arcana indictating there are major decisions that need to be made. Then we follow through with the 3 of Wands, which looks like there is forward movement and work to be done.

You can see The Lovers discussing or sharing something. The angel above them is Arch-Angel Raphael, a healing angel.

This may playout between an actual couple or it may be between the two parts of yourself, the feminine part and masculine part coming together in agreeance.

The idea here is whatever needs to be discussed or agreed upon, both parties need to take into account the bigger picture, thereby coming from that higher ground, the higher ideal and higher purpose.

The 3 of Wands looks like there was an agreement made because you can see the man is now standing at the shore line looking out across the waters to the purple mountains on the other side. The purple mountains are spiritual aspirations, a new challenge to climb and conquer.

The number 3 is also the number of growth and potential, indicating movement and expansion. You may not see it coming, but give it time for it to come through and then you will adapt.


In The Lovers card, I love the way the masculine figure is looking at the feminine side and the feminine is looking up at the Angel. There is a link between all 3 figures. As they say 2 heads are better than one!

Looks like September will be a month of discussing things (The Lovers), maybe more research needs to be done, then there will be growth and movement forward (3 of Wands).

With Mercury going Direct on 16 September also indicates whatever was being mentally worked on is now ready to put into action.



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