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Astrology Forecast June 2024

Written by Ruanna on .
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Revelations #205
~ June 2024 ~


ComedyLounge Poster 2024 v2 002 resizedHappy World Environment Day!

Many of you know I volunteer for the GENI Foundation for well over 30 years now. Every year we get together to celebrate the "UN World Environment Day" to enjoy a night of fun and of course fundraise. I would love for you to join us, purchase tickets through the website and I hope to see you there!

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This month, I celebrated 13 years of my Facebook Tarot in Action Group, This one is a public group, usually share a Tarot meme. I try to make it fun and different to all the other Tarot pages out there.

Also this month, I celebrate 5 years of creating the Facebook Tarot Mastery Group. This is a private group, only my students are invited to participate. This is where I list 2 Tarot cards each month and I invite everyone to share their insights.

And I have my Tarot in Action Page on Facebook. This is where I list all my classes, dates and times, show photos of when I work at events such as Hens parties, attend festivals or markets or share posts of when I present at the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Then, I also have a Facebook Astrology Mastery Group, this one is public and I share many articles and memes on Planets transiting, information on the Full Moon and New Moon and anything going retrograde that you need to be made aware of.

Thank you for liking all my pages and groups, I trust you enjoy them and learn something too!

Heaps of Specialness,



1. Astrological Forecast for the Month

June Forecast

GeminiGemini will strongly affect the first half of June. Gemini, is an air sign ruled by Mercury, indeed exerts a strong influence on mental faculties, communication, and belief systems. People born under this sign are often characterized by their quick wit, adaptability, and intellectual curiosity. In the first half of the month, when Gemini's influence is particularly pronounced, you may find yourself more inclined to engage in deep thinking, analytical reasoning, and lively communication.

Sun in CancerAs the Sun transitions into Cancer in the second half of the month, there's a noticeable shift towards themes related to emotions, feelings, nurturing, and nourishment. Cancer, as a water sign ruled by the Moon, governs the realm of emotions and the subconscious mind. During this time, you may find yourself more attuned to your inner world and the emotions that underpin your experiences.

New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini 3On 6 June, we have a New Moon in Gemini. Gemini is an air sign and a mutable modality. It's delightful energy, it's playful and light-hearted. What makes this New Moon especially potent is that Jupiter has moved into Gemini expanding our mental aspects and our belief systems.

There are so many planets in the sign of Gemini, all in the 11th House making for a supercharged mental energy month. There is Mercury which rules Gemini, the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars.

These planets are also square to Saturn, which is a good thing because Saturn is very practical, earthy and keeps us real and grounded. Saturn asks us to be accountable and disciplined; if you say something and give it a lot of energy and it manifests, you have to own up to the fact that you gave it that much energy. Become aware of this, it is your obligation, this is what Saturn wants you to own up too, then you can direct your energy towards positivity.

All these planets in Gemini are expressing a message and urging us to pay attention. They highlight the influence of the mind, our thoughts, and our beliefs. Remember what the self-fullfiling prophecy states, be mindful of your ideas and words you tell yourself because you get to be right. Therefore, watch what you say and think. Spend some time embracing new ways of thinking and communicate from the heart to actively participate in the idea that you are the creator of your world.


Mars Transits

mars in taurus 3On 9 June through to 19 July, Mars moves into Taurus. This will happen early in the month and go right through till mid July. Mars, the God of war and action, will be able to ground and manifest all what the Gemini energy is bringing forth for you to do.

Combining the grounded nature of Taurus with the assertive energy of Mars can indeed create a fascinating blend of traits. Taurus, being an earth sign, is known for its stability, practicality, and patience. When infused with the influence of Mars, the planet of action and determination, Taurus can exhibit increased persistence and drive in pursuing its goals. 

This combination suggests one who is not only patient and reliable but also possesses a strong will and the ability to persevere through challenges. They may have a methodical approach to achieving their ambitions, steadily working towards their objectives with unwavering determination.

Square Mars UranusOn 11 June, Mars is square to Pluto. Mars and Pluto are both powerful energies and when they work together you become aware of your strength, self-assurance and confidence. Then that unbreakable spirit starts to show through.

Having the capacity to overcome obstacles and the energy to cultivate various aspects of your life is indeed a form of power. It signifies a sense of inner strength, resilience, and determination that empowers you to navigate challenges and shape your reality according to your desires.

When you possess the energy and drive to cultivate different facets of your life, whether it be your career, relationships, personal growth, or any other area, you hold the key to unlocking your full potential. This power enables you to set ambitious goals, pursue them with unwavering commitment, and overcome any hurdles that may arise along the way.

Moreover, this sense of empowerment extends beyond just achieving external success. It also encompasses the ability to nurture your own well-being, fulfill your passions, and live a life aligned with your values and aspirations. It's about harnessing your inner resources and leveraging them to create a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, and true to who you are.

Ultimately, recognizing and embracing your power to overcome obstacles and cultivate your life empowers you to take control of your destiny, shape your own narrative, and create a future that resonates with your highest potential.


Conjunct Mars Uranus 2On 15 July, Mars conjuncts Uranus. I know I have gone into July here, but its a Mars transit and its important to note that there will be this build up going on, started with when Mars first moved into Taurus on the 9 June.

The alignment of Mars and Uranus in mid-July indeed suggests a potent surge of energy and potential for significant breakthroughs or sudden changes. Mars brings assertiveness, drive, and action, while Uranus adds innovation, unpredictability, and a desire for freedom and change.

Considering this celestial event, it's a favorable time to focus on refining how you channel your unstoppable energy. Be open to new ideas, approaches, and opportunities that may present themselves during this period. Embrace innovation and be willing to adapt to sudden shifts or unexpected developments.

The seeds you've sown in the past, whether consciously or unconsciously, may indeed bear fruit during this alignment. Pay attention to any projects, relationships, or endeavours that have been brewing beneath the surface, as they could experience significant progress or transformation during this dynamic celestial conjunction.

Stay adaptable, remain open-minded, and harness the combined forces of Mars and Uranus to propel yourself forward towards your goals and aspirations. It's a time for bold actions, calculated risks, and embracing the thrill of the unknown. Trust in your ability to navigate this energetic synergy and seize the opportunities it brings. 


Mercury Venus and Sun move into Cancer

Venus in Cancer 3On 17 June, Mercury and Venus move into Cancer. The entrance of Mercury and Venus into the sign of Cancer further amplifies the influence of Cancer energy, particularly in the realms of emotions, relationships, and communication.

Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, entering Cancer infuses our thoughts and conversations with a greater sensitivity and emotional depth. This placement encourages us to communicate with empathy and understanding, to listen attentively to others' feelings, and to express our own emotions with sincerity and vulnerability. Our minds may be more attuned to matters of the heart during this time, and we may find ourselves drawn towards nurturing and supportive forms of communication that foster emotional connection and intimacy.

Similarly, Venus, the planet of love and harmony, entering Cancer brings a focus on emotional nourishment within our relationships and personal connections. We may feel a heightened desire for closeness, tenderness, and affection in our interactions with others. This placement encourages us to express love and appreciation through acts of nurturing and care, and to seek out relationships that provide us with a sense of emotional security and belonging.

Together, the influence of Mercury and Venus in Cancer invites us to prioritize our emotional well-being and the nurturing of our relationships. It's a time to cultivate deeper connections with ourselves and others, to express our feelings authentically, and to create spaces of emotional safety and support where we can freely explore the depths of our hearts. By embracing the Cancer energy for emotional nourishment, we can foster greater intimacy, understanding, and fulfillment in our lives.

Sun in Cancer 3On 20 June, Sun enters Cancer. The strong Cancer energy encourages you to delve into your feelings, explore your emotional needs, and nurture yourself and others with care and compassion. This period is conducive to deepening emotional connections, fostering a sense of security and belonging, and creating a supportive environment for growth and healing.

Additionally, Cancer's influence may heighten your sensitivity to the needs and emotions of those around you, prompting you to offer support and empathy to others in their time of need. This period fosters a sense of interconnectedness and emotional intimacy, strengthening bonds with loved ones and fostering a deeper sense of belonging within your community.

Overall, the strong Cancer energy in the second half of the month invites you to embrace the rich tapestry of your emotions, nurture yourself and others with kindness and compassion, and create a nurturing environment where emotional authenticity and vulnerability are valued and celebrated.

Winter and Summer Solstice

SolsticeAlso, on 21 June marks the Solstice, a significant astronomical event that occurs twice a year and marks the longest and shortest days of the year depending on the hemisphere.

In the Northern Hemisphere, is the Summer Solstice, also known as the June Solstice. It represents the longest day of the year, with the most daylight hours and the shortest period of darkness. This marks the official beginning of summer and is celebrated in various cultures and traditions as a time of abundance, growth, and vitality.

Conversely, in the Southern Hemisphere, is the Winter Solstice, also known as the June Solstice. It represents the shortest day of the year, with the fewest daylight hours and the longest period of darkness. This marks the official beginning of winter and is often celebrated as a time of introspection, renewal, and the gradual return of light and warmth.


Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Cap5On 21 June, as well as the Solstice, we have a Full Moon in Capricorn. Indeed this Full Moon offers us a potent opportunity to harness the practical, grounded energy of the Capricorn sign. Capricorn is associated with ambition, discipline, and a strong sense of responsibility, making this Full Moon an ideal time for taking concrete actions towards your goals.

"Speak it and act upon it, experience it and act upon it." This emphasizes the importance of not only setting intentions but also following through with deliberate and practical steps. This Full Moon encourages us to be pragmatic in our approach, to assess our ambitions realistically, and to make steady progress towards them.

The Capricorn Full Moon urges us to make strides towards our objectives with determination and perseverance. It's a time to focus on our commitments, prioritise our responsibilities, and take decisive action to move closer to our aspirations.

By embodying the practical wisdom of Capricorn during this Full Moon, we can make tangible progress in our endeavours and lay a solid foundation for future success. It's a time to be proactive, disciplined, and strategic in pursuit of our goals, ensuring that our actions are grounded in reality and ultimately lead to tangible results.

What a wonderful powerful month and year ahead,
happy breakthroughs!


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Calendar of Events for this Month!

UN Charter


United Nations International Year of:
The Camelids for 2024

United Nations Decade of:
Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021 to 2030

United Nations Charter
Established 26 June 1945



 ** 10 - 16  Men's Health Week

1  National Hug Your Cat Day.
3  Mabo Day, it commemorates Eddie Koiki Mabo (c. 29 June 1936–21 January 1992)
a Torres Strait Islander whose campaign for Indigenous land rights led to a landmark decision of the High Court of Australia that, on 3 June 1992, overturned the legal fiction of terra nullius which had characterised Australian law with regards to land.
5  UN World Environment Day, established by the UN in 1972. Green organizations use this day to promote local environment initiatives and focus on global issues.
5  International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing.
6  GENI Foundation, Comedy Gala annual fundraiser at Comics Lounge.
7  World Food Safety Day.
7 - 10  Melbourne Mind Body & Spirit Festival. This event is now Free but you still have to register for your ticket on the Mind Body Spirit Festival website.
7  New Moon in Gemini.
An inquisitive mood. Develop your mind for learning.
8  World Oceans Day, started at the 1992 Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit, is a global celebration of the planet's marine environment.
9  Coral Triangle Day.
10  King's Birthday Long Weekend, also the official opening of Ski season weekend.
10 - 16  Men's Health Week.
11 - 12  World Grain Week. World has 10-week supply of wheat, expert tells UN Security Council: 'This is seismic'. More than 400 international industry leaders from across the entire supply chain to explore both the challenges and opportunities surrounding grains, oilseeds, pulses and rice markets. 
14  Flag Day.
15  Global Wind Day.
15  Nature Photography Day.
16  World Sea Turtle Day.
17  World Crocodile Day.
17  World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought,
to draw attention to efforts to eradicate poverty, achieve sustainable development and reach the UN's eight Millennium Development Goals.
18  Sustainable Gastronomy Day.
18 - 22  Global Interdisciplinary Green Cities Conference 2024. Held in Longmeadow, Massachusettes. Looking at Business, Engineering, Art, Architecture, Design, Political Science, International Relations, Applied Science & Technology.
20  World Refugee Day.
21  International Day of Yoga.
21  World Giraffe Day.
21 Winter Solstice and Yule (Wiccan/Pagan).
Here in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate the Winter Solstice. For us it is the longest night and the shortest day. For those that like to celebrate Yule presents are exchanged and everyone sits up all night to welcome the morning Sun.
22  Full Moon in Capricorn - A businesslike mood, take care of your financial matters.
22  World Rainforest Day.
27  National Whale Day.

 World Ocean Day 4         


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2. Tarot Cards Insight into the Energy of the Month...

Every month, I turn over 2 cards, one from the top of the deck to represent the Conscious energy and the other from the bottom of the deck to represent the Unconscious energy. I am always thinking of the big picture and exploring for the collective.

These two Tarot cards are loaded on my Tarot Mastery private Facebook group for students of Tarot in Action to explore the meanings and share their insights.

~ I asked the Tarot cards what is the energy for the month of June 2024?
~ What do we need to be mindful of, so we can make the most out of it?

The 9 of Swords is in the Conscious position, and Queen of Cups is in the Unconscious position.

9 SwordsC Queen of CupsSummary...
A bit more sombre feeling this month with the 9 of Swords in that outer conscious way, and with the Queen of Cups reminding us of the emotional undertones and undercurrents that are going on in the background.

It seems there is an overwelming feeling of mental discord or overthnking, even though it is a number 9, suggesting an ending to this worry.

The Queen of Cups in the background is there to remind us to contain this overflow of emotions. In other words, put a lid on it, for we could be making more out of what is realy there.

9 of Swords
Swords rule over that worrying and mental conflict energies. The inage in the 9 of Swords shows someone in bed, with their head in their hands, worrying over something. It is a black background therefore it's night time, and when we wake up during the night, we tend to blow things out of proporation, for in the daylight things don't seem so bad.

This person is worrying over something they cannot see. But if they remove their hands away from their face, they will see a beautiful blue blanket with red roses and all the symbols of the zodiac are on it insinuating that all the answers are right there in front of them.

Queen of Cups
In the unconscious position, you can see the Queen of Cups is still dealing with the emotional issues or implications but somehow we have more control of them. This is demonstrated by the lid over the cup.

The Queen of Cups knows how to contain her emotions, possibly harnessing the energy and moving it into positive actions. The shadow side would be that she is in denial and is stuck in the emotions, not growing nor learning from it.


 Yoga Day 1





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 Winter Solstice 11


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4. Festivals, Expo's, Fundraisers & Special Events



doterra curious 2I always carry a fine selection of essential oils in my shop for sale to those that need them. Also happy to a run a doTerra workshop for you and your friends.

Workshops are a great opportunity to get together, to experience and learn something new about doTerra. How to use essential oils in your everyday life, ask questions and share this new alternative knowledge with others.

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Tarot Masterclass March 2022In March and August every year I am honoured to present Tarot, Advanced Tarot, Numerology and Astrology Masterclasses to Singapore.

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Tarot Beginners Masterclass - Sat 31 Aug & Sun 1 Sept 2024
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Mind Body Spirit FestivalAustralia’s largest health, well-being and natural therapies event. Register online to receive your free ticket.

Learn and explore from over 200 exhibitors, attend free inspirational seminars, book yourself a psychic reading, try some body pampering, watch the free stage performances, join a free meditation session and taste some delicious health foods!

Venue: Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre
Date: 4 days - 7 - 10 June 2024
Time: 10am - 7pm daily

Venue: Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre
Date: 3 days - Date TBA 2024
Time: 10am - 7pm daily

More information: Mind Body Spirit Festival




Group croppedThe date was set for the 2023 Annual LunaBears picnic. Thank you to Mastersons Bar for holding a fabulous space for our picnic. A much heartfelt thank you to all that attended and thank you to everyone that contributed.

               We raised $690 in October 2023

The funds raised go directly to the Bear Sanctuary in Luang Prabang, Laos, through the Free The Bears org with the resolve to end Bear bile farming forever!

Venue: Mastersons Bar, 167 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds       
Date: Sunday 27 October 2024
Time: 12pm - 3pm. (Group photo taken at 1pm!)

Donation: $30 per person (or donate as much as you wish!)
What to bring: Bring a plate to share
Information: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook Group: LunaBears Lads and Ladys



GENI Foundation LogoThis not-for-profit volunteer environmental organisation has been going for 30 years! It's the biggest world game I know to play and I would love your support!

The GENI initiative is about every continent linking up on an energy grid using renewable energy sources and sharing this sustainable energy with our neighbours across all time zones. 

"When the world is linked up on a physical electrical grid,
it is proof that we are metaphysically connected." - Bucky Fuller

  • Patreon LogoJoin us in making a difference to humanity with no harm to the environment!
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Information: Ruanna 0418 388 712
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