Friends of Tarot In Action

"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons.
They were not made for humans any more than
black people were made for white,
or women created for men."
-Alice Walker

I see myself as a philanthropist, I give a lot of my time and/or money to environmental organisations and to many animal charities, for animals do not have a voice, and so that it will be a better place for all of us.

I am passionate about the environment and our animals, I currently am a member of or pledge to the following organisations:


Animals Australia

Animals Asia

Australia Zoo - Wildlife Warrior

Ban Live Exports

Choose Cruelty Free

FINCA - Micro Businesses for Women in Developing Worlds

Free The Bears - currently have over 30 people sponsoring the Tat Kuang Xi Waterfalls Bear Sancutary in Laos, Luang Prabang!

Friends of the Zoo


GENI Foundation - celebratring 25 years in 2011!


Humane Society International

IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare

PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Save Babe

The Hunger Site

Vipassana Mediation Victoria

Wildlife Victoria

WSPA - World Society of Protection of Animals

WWF - Worldwide Fund


The websites below belong to friends or business partners which I am involved with and highly recommend:

Andre Conate - Website Angels

Astro Synthesis

Australian Bridal Service

Australian Psychic Association

Australian Reiki Connection Inc

Barry Johnson - Australian College Sports Development

Buckminster Fuller Institute

Charles Kovess - Australiasia Passionate Provocateur

Dan Flint - Dan's Martial Arts

Easy Weddings

Elio Rulli - Studio House Photography

Elizabeth Jewel - Living Now Magazine

Grand Master Tan - WayOnNet, Singapore

Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc

International Feng Shui Association

Jamchen Buddhist Centre

James Wanless - Voyager Tarot

Janene Laird - Shen Chi Feng Shui

Jerry Speiser - Your Future By Design

Juliana Abram - Feng Shui Centre

Kristeena Saville  - Artist

Malcolm Green - Cosmic Accounting

Margot Sophia - Mandala's

Mary King - Wealth 4 Women

Michael Kessler - History of the Future

Mind Body Spirit Festival

Rids Van Der Zee J.P.

Rob Lobosco - Yera Health Retreat

Self Defence Hub

Sigrid de Castella - Half the Woman I Was

Sue Caldwell - Feng Shui Conscious Environment

Stone Gye - Stone Fitness

Tracey Roberts - Performer and Artist

Tarot Guild of Australia

Tarot Journey - Spiritual Adventure Tours

Venerable Lobsang Tender - Medicine Buddha Centre

Wedding House


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All day parking is available across the road from my shop. Or travel by public transport - Airport West Tram line coming from Elizabeth St in the City. Tram numbers, #49, #52, #59. My Tram stop number is #36.


"Discover the hidden keys in the Tarot and experience profound personal growth" 
- Ruanna