Tarot Video Classes Package
  • Tarot Video Classes Package
  • Tarot Video Classes Package

Tarot Video Classes Package


Tarot Video Classes

I have been teaching this comprehensive and profound Tarot class professionally since 1995.

There are 22 Tarot video lessons in total in this one package.
Each class varies in length dependent upon the discussions held in the classes.
Each video is approx 2 hrs in length.

All the classes were filmed live in 2011 with permission from my students in this class. This live interaction gives you the feeling that you are there as part of this class, the questions that are asked would be as if you are asking them yourself. This is the experience I wanted you to have, not just listening to me talk to the camera.

The Rider Waite Tarot Deck is used throughout the classes. They are the most popular in the world and have the best symbolism. We also look at the Mythic Deck too. Although you may use your own deck.

Watch them from the comfort of your home. Stop and replay as many times as you need.

          "I love them!" -Rosey, Vic Australia

Complete the 22 video classes and the 2 Tests to receive a qualified Certificate of Completion.

For more details on the videos, please visit my Tarot Video Class webpage.

If you were to do the classes with me, it could cost you well over $1600, plus the travel time to the classes each week. This price is a bargain!

All payments are made through Paypal.

This special offer includes...

  • Over 40 hours of Tarot tutoring.
  • 22 Video lessons in total.
  • Includes all the Handouts and Tests.
  • We look at the 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
  • We explore Psychology, Mythology, Astrology, Numerology and Colours.
  • Includes the Hard Drive. (Valued $100).
  • There are 4 x 1 hr Zoom sessions or one-to-one meetups, if you live close-by with me to answer questions and cover some Tarot spreads.
  • And includes the postage to you!

Thank you for exploring this option,


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