Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

I offer Tarot readings face to face or online using Zoom.

The 55mins for $120 is the most popular session.

After the reading, you will leave with a feeling of confidence.


"Please...tell me who you are and what you want,
and if you think those are simple questions,
keep in mind that most people live their entire lives
without arriving at an answer."
-Gary Zukav, Author, The Seat of the Soul.

Private one to one Tarot readings and psychic consultations are available from my shop in Moonee Ponds.

It is recommended to book well in advance with me because I may be booked out already. I use my shop to do readings, classes and healings. I do work every day of the week including weekends, we just need to work out a day and time that suits us both.

In my Tarot reading consultations I also include a little Numerology and Astrology. I believe this tends to give the querent a more in-depth and well-rounded reading. You will also see how these 3 modalities really come together and support each other, which will give you more detail as well as confirmation of where you are at, what you need to know and to take advantage to make the most of it.

People often ask if they can bring photos for me to look at. This is fine with me, I read photos the same way as I read a Tarot card. Prefer if you have the permission to use the photo.

I also get asked if friends or family can sit in on the reading, I really don't mind, if it makes the querent happy, I'm happy too. Often I think its a good thing because your friend can see things from the outside where upon the querent is so intrenched in the issue, also when you leave you can keep discussing the reading together which I also encourage so you can make further distinctions. Although I do reserve the judgement to say no if I feel it is best for both parties.

I also want to share a wonderful experience that I heard a few times over my 30 years of doing Tarot readings. Many people have returned to have another reading with me and they have admitted that when they saw me the first time they really didn't connect with or understand what I was saying to them. Then 2 months later or so, whatever I said to them, comes true! It blows them away! I feel so honoured that return for another reading and also that they tell me about this experience. 

This also highlights how different every Tarot reader performs, there are no two readers that present their Tarot readings the same. So if you have never had a Tarot reading, be mindful of this and give your Tarot reader a go. Enter the reading with an open mind and explore the possibilities.

The Reader will or should ask you if you have a question. If you want to ask about your relationship, all you have to say is, "relationship." If you want to know about your career, say "career." You don't have to explain anything. Then there are people that want to share what is going on with the relationship, some people need to vent and talk about it with someone.

If you only have a 30 min reading, I recommend being specific with your question, ie: "Should I leave my job?"

Remember, the more specific the question, more specific the answer!

Some people say, "no questions, just want to see what the cards have to say." This is perfectly ok too!

You can also tape the Tarot reading, you are welcome to tape the reading on your phone and it is polite to please ask first.

People often ask if I prefer cash or credit card. Yes of course I prefer cash, cash is "king" as they say! I also have a credit card facility for Visa and Mastercard.


Me at Desk 1Here I am at my table, with tarot cards in hand ready to do a reading for you!
Adelaide 1A Tarot reading is a very personal reading no matter where you are! Here I am the Adelaide Expo.

My Fees are:

  • $120 for 55mins - This is the most popular time slot, it gives us the time to really get into the reading and the situation. I do not split this time over 2 or more people. This is the popular option.
  • $80 for 30mins - If its your first time having a reading, I would recommend to start with the 30mins. Also, if 2 people come along for a reading I would also recommend 30mins for each at $80 each.
  • $40 for 15mins - This one is for phone readings only, and with only 15 mins, you really only have time to ask one or two questions. Pay by credit card in advance.
  • $160 for 90mins - Sometimes the reading just needs more time to discuss the situation, therefore I do offer a discounted rate if we go for the 1.5hrs


Note: Basically all my Readings are Booked Ahead:

  • I understand when you call me for a Reading that you are ready then and there to have the reading but I may not be, because I have bookings already allocated. Sometimes there are cancellations, so it is always worth asking, of course!
  • I may not answer the phone when you call, because I'm probably with a client. You can text me or email me and I will respond to you in between my appointments and classes.
  • During COVID, many readings went online using Zoom or WhatsApp over phone, happy to keep doing this today, many people prefer it. Nb: I have always read online, in the past I used Skype. Today, I find Zoom to be a far better quality App.
  • If you would like to book an online Zoom reading, we just need to work out a date that suits us both, then I will email you the Calendar Appointment with my Zoom link ID and payment details.
  • I am back to doing one-to-one readings in my shop, just let me know what you prefer.
  • Happy for partners or friends to sit together with you during the reading. This may actually assist the one who is being read, because they are so far into the situation they may not see it objectively.
  • Credit card facilities here, or you may wish to transfer payment. Also happy to receive cash. Either way is fine with me.
  • Hope that assists you. Thanks!


photo green auraPhoto showing my green aura. Taken at the Mind Body Spirit Festival. Full of love this day!
Spread 2I encourage people to take a picture of their spread so they can keep learning and remembering.
Tarot Guild Logo PM LargeProfessional Mewmber of the Tarot Guild of Australia since 1995.

March 2024

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for being available to share your gift with people like me. The reading has been a turning point for me, I am exhausted and sore and considered giving up. The waves are relentless. I feel you have restored hope and strength and I am very grateful for that. I hear that readings can be exhausting, so wanted to let you know you are very much appreciated. Hope you have a great day!" - Kate

February 2022

 "Hi Ruanna, I just want to thank you again for my tarot reading. It felt so positive and I came away feeling very connected becuase everything that came up is exactly what's happening. So thanks again. It's nice to know that that's what people should go sway from a reading feeling...positive. Looking forward to seeing you Monday night in class. Have a beautiful weekend xxx." - Julie

September 2020

"Thank you Ruanna, I saw you approximately 5 years ago, I came across your business card the other day and I had to see you again, especially with all this CoronaVirus business. I am just feeling a little lost and thought you would be able to provide me with some guidance once again as you did that 5 years ago!" - Rebekah

"I am so happy with my reading I just had to let you know, thank you once again!" -Shay

"Thank you for such a beautiful reading, I can't wait to see how things unfold in my near future... light and blessings always." - Leanne

August 2019

"Hi Ruanna, I had a reading with you on Saturday. It was lovely meeting you. I just wanted to say thank you. I really needed to hear what you said, even when I didn't want to listen. I thought you might be interested, I just saw my psychologist and she seems to think my Ex has a case of autism, all the things I informed her about said he sounds like he's on the spectrum. Just find it curious and it makes sense now. I was praying for the pain to go away and for him to come back but now after seeing her and you I realise its not meant to be and that's more than okay. I dodged a bullet as you mentioned lol! Thanks again hun. I appreciate your honesty and how open real and genuine you. Beautiful way to be. xxxx" -Jen

September 2018

"Thank you so much for the reading yesterday; it helped a lot! Did some journaling when I got home then fell into a deep sleep! You're a true gem!" -Sarah

July 2015

"Thank you so much for this evening. I really appreciate it, I feel so much better about everything that's going on! I hope you have a lovely evening." -Olivia

October 2011

"Just calling to thank you so much for assisting me with my horses. Within 72 hours I had my male horse moved to a better location and closer to me, I'm now riding my new female horse and I'm feeling better and I have made new friends too." -Louise

August 2009

"I love having my tarots read every year by you. I get a clearer direction, I'm more positive and confident within myself to move forward in my life." -Jennifer


tarot hand1Tarot cards are so uncanny, they still surprises me to this very day!
purple tarotsAnother thing that surprises me is when I meet someone that says they have never had a Tarot reading before. I'm thinking, "Where have you been?"
Francesca and Ruanna ResizedThe beauty with Zoom means we can do readings wherever you are, even if you're interstate!


“This is your karma.
You do not understand now, but you will understand later.
The source of pain is within your own larger expression of being.”

-H. Raven Rose, Shadow Self

Tarot Reading Live via Zoom

I am happy to meet with you Live online using the Zoom platform to do a Tarot reading for you. All we need to do is work out a day and time that suits us both.

No matter where you are around the globe, we can connect and I will gladly assist you in your search for your truth and answers you seek.

I just need to email you the Zoom link ID and my banking details. Payment for this service is required in advance.

This also is a lovely gift idea, booking in a Tarot reading for your family member or friend. I am happy to create a Voucher for you and email it back to you, so you can print it out on pretty paper and pop it in with your gift card.

55min Tarot Reading Live via Zoom $120.       Buy Now




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