Tarot Online Packages

Tarot Online Packages

If you purchase my Tarot Video package:

There are over 40 hours and 22 classes of Tarot training.

Watch and rewind the Videos from the comfort of your home!

Includes 5 sessions with me to practice your spreads.


"There is a crack in everything and
that is when the light gets in."
-Leonard Cohen

Tarot Video Classes 

I now have made available my entire comprehensive beginners Tarot program on video. Yes I have filmed an entire 6 month program with permission of those in the 2011 class.

The experience I wanted to convey in these videos is that you feel like you are part of this class. It's as if the students in the video are asking the questions like you were asking the questions yourself.

After teaching Tarot since 1995 the questions are pretty much the same today. Having 22 videos and over 40 hours to work through you can imagine how many questions arise and we work through all of them.

Purchase the full set and save money! Today, if you were to partake in my Tarot class the fee for a 6 month Tarot program is well over $1500. Plus you will have to travel to my shop every week. By purchasing the whole set you can watch the classes when you want saving you time and money!

All this is available to you, so you can learn all about these extraordinary Tarot cards from the comfort of your home and in your own sweet time. Wind and rewind at your pace and you will have them forever to refer to!


We will cover in the video lessons:

  • Archetypes, what are they? We will do exercises for you to understand how they apply and how we use them in every day life. Also understand how we interpret dreams.
  • Astrology, every card is connected to either a planet or a zodiac sign.
  • Numerology, every card is numbered, there is no mistakes the Death card is number 13.
  • Symbology, understanding these symbols brings the cards to life, like cracking a code.
  • Psychology, and understanding the being of human beings.
  • Colours. The colour grey means wisdom, the Hermit wears grey and has a grey beard, he is the symbol of wisdom.
  • The Elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
  • We also discuss relationships, career, spirituality, crystals and much much more...


IMG 18081Even baby Willow listens to the Tarot classes and Mum does all the work.
Lena jpegI used to use Skype for international classes. Here is Lena from Singapore.
Roesy1When Roesy couldn't make it to class, he would ask for a Tarot recording so he kept up to pace with the class.


March 2020

"We did part of our first tarot lesson last night. Got about 25 mins to go. We are taking lots of notes and Di is absolutely loving it all. You are awesome in the video. So relaxed and insightful. Just as I remembered when I did your course all those years ago. It was the best course I have ever done, ever! Did I say ever? And I've done a lot of courses. Just loving it all." - Danny and Diane

August 2016

"Loved the Tarot Video's because I was able to pause when I wanted to and write it all down. I was able to rewind over sections and I got so much more out of it. I wasn't under pressure and I didn't miss any of the points made." - Geraldine, Vic Australia

"What a journey!! Having now completed the course and starting my own Tarot Business I can reflect on what an amazing experience it has been. Ruanna's videos and sessions have not only taught me about tarot but have taught me so much about myself. I've grown and developed as a person. With Ruanna's help and on going support I'm on my way to achieving my dreams. An experience I'll never forget." - Lisa, Vic Australia

July 2015

"Two months into Ruanna's online tarot course and I'm loving it. Exploring the world of tarot in my own time, at my own pace. Have started a journey with an inspiring person as my teacher." - Lisa, Vic Australia


April 2015

"I am thoroughly enjoying the video's and I went out and purchased some mythic cards the other day, love the god and goddess side of it. I also got from my sister at Christmas medicine cards which are fantastic as well." -Linda, WA Australia


Tarot video SamplerCheck out the Tarot Video Package Sampler in the link below, to give you a taste of what my Tarot Videos are like. They are filmed in front of a class as if you are in the room.
Lisa Bentley jpegLisa runs her very own successful Tarot business now, after learning from my Tarot Video Package.
skype classesDoesn't matter what part of world you are from, we can meet online via Skype classes or Zoom classes today!


All you need is the Rider Waite Tarot cards, pens and paper to write on and create your own book of knowledge.

Here is a Sample of what my Tarot Video looks like so you can see what I mean about the class style format.

Learn a new skill and start your own Tarot business today!

All in the one purchase, you will receive:

  • Well over 40 hours of tutoring.
  • Each video is approx 2 hours in length.
  • 22 Video Lessons in total.
  • Includes all the Handouts.
  • Downloaded on a Hard Drive. (Valued $80).
  • 4 x Skype sessions with me to answer questions and learn Tarot spreads.
  • There is a Certificate of Completion if you choose to do the 2 Tests.
  • If you purchase from my Tarot in Action shop the price includes postage costs.


Tarot Classes Online 22 Lessons - $1,388.        Buy Now


Leo 2If you have to leave my classes because of travelling overseas, you can still recieve Tarot videos to keep up the training.
online videos pixThe Tarot Video Package is a fabulous way of learning Tarot from the comfort of your own home. Watch and rewatch as much as you like.
tarot handWhether you learn in a class or via online videos, the lessons are there, its up to you to discipline yourself and do the work.


"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence
is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being."
-Carl Jung, 'Memories, Dreams, Reflections.' 1962


Learn Tarot Online via Zoom

If you choose to learn Tarot online, we can set up weekly classes using Zoom. These classes will run just like my normal face to face classes, but instead we will be looking at each other through the web-camera.

I used to use Skype to run these classes, but found Zoom to be a far superior quality and you don't even have to join Zoom, just open the link ID that I send you.

This option works really well for those that live far from me therefore internet is the alternative. Whether you are interstate or overseas we can meet and study Tarot together online! Since COVID, online classes have become the new norm!


Some details are:

  • $58 per 2 hours once a week. Same price as my face to face classes.
  • This is a certificate 6 month program. May go a little longer depending on holidays.
  • Payment can me made weekly using internet banking or PayPal.
  • This fee also includes handouts and certificates that will be mailed out to you.


“This is your karma.
You do not understand now, but you will understand later.
The source of pain is within your own larger expression of being.”

-H. Raven Rose, Shadow Self


BelindaaBelinda from Queensland got together with her friend and they learned Tarot via Skype together.
Heidi1aMy Pisces friend Heidi learned Tarot via Skype, has moved back to the US now, but we did catch up in Singapore before she returned home.
Wed morn classTarot Classes have become very popular via Zoom since COVID came into the picture.


Tarot Reading Live via Zoom

I'm happy to meet with you Live online using the Zoom platform to do a Tarot reading for you. All we need to do is work out a day and time that suits us both.

You dont need to download Zoom, just open up the link ID I send you.

No matter where you are around the globe, we can connect and I will be happy to do a reading for you.


55mins Tarot Reading Live via Zoom - $120.     Buy Now

 April 2022

"I finished Lesson 22 this morning. It was a bit early for champagne but I celebrated with a nice takeaway coffee 😊 I’ve attached my final test. I know we have another Zoom session to go for when I’m ready but I wanted to let you know how valuable this course was for me, especially considering how far away I am from you.

While I missed being there in person for q&a opportunities and connecting with other students, it was a really convenient way for me to fit in the study around my busy life and work schedule. I also enjoyed being able to press pause when note taking (I’m a bit slow with note taking and would have struggled to keep up if in person).

Your book is an awesome resource so thank you for creating it. Now I need to do as many readings as I can and will work through Mary’s workbook, (Tarot your For Yourself). I have joined the Tarot Guild too." - Leanne

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