Numerology Online Packages

Numerology Online Packages

I have been running my Numerology classes since 1997!

In one day, learn how to put a Numerology report together.

Change your life for the better!


"Be bold, take risks, be brave, be strong."
-Baz Luhrmann, Australian Movie Director

Online Numerology Workshop

If you are interstate or overseas and wish to complete my 5 hour certificate Numerology workshop using the Skype facility, we can arrange a day and time that best suits us both for you to learn this procedure.

I do teach the Pytharorean method, as this is the most popular way and it works really well with all the other modalities such as Tarot and Astrology, etc... Others will understand and connect with the numbers more readily as well.

This is a 5 hour certificate Numerology workshop or break up the workshop over a few weeks.


numbers 3You can use Numerology for all sorts of reasons, when to move house, if that is the right house, when to change jobs, even when to travel.
when to marryAll we need is your Name at birth and your Birth date and we can create a report with many answers for you.
when to marryMany do the Numerology workshop to work out the best time to marry and if they should change their name or not.

What you will gain from this Online Numerology workshop:

  • We will look at your External Personality
  • and your Natural Talent numbers
  • Your Power numbers
  • Destiny numbers
  • Karmic numbers and behaviours
  • We will cover the Grid and your 9 year cycle
  • how to work out your Personal years, months and days
  • Learn how to confidently interpret reports for yourself and for others.

The course Fee is:

  • $288 for this Online Numerology Workshop.


  • Handouts that will be either emailed to you.
  • The postage if the Handouts need to be posted to you.
  • Payment can be made through PayPal, internet banking.
  • Payment will be required before class starts.

If you are interested in learning all about Numerology so you can do reports for your friends and family or doing Numerology readings for your clients, now you learn with me using the Zoom facility, please call me on 0418 388 712 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss further details.

numbers in handsAll the power and numbers are in your in hands. You will be surprised how intuitively we know what name to use, the Numerology will confirm it.
Your LifeMy Numerology workshops are also online, which is great if you are interstate!
RelationshipNumerology can give your those answers you seek with relationshps. Are your numbers compatible?

"I am a Change Agent"

Numerology Reports

If you love Numerology and have some questions you need answered, maybe a numerology reading can give you those answers you are looking for.

Your question may be, when is the best date for me and my partner to get married on? Or should I change my name when I get married or keep my birth name?

Many people have all sorts of questions, I have prepared reports on a new house that a family were moving into, for a business name and even when to launch a book!

A Numerology Report is a wonderful birthday gift for your friend or family member.

What I need from you to prepare your report is:

  • Your birth date
  • The name you were given at birth
  • The name you currently like to use today
  • Along with your question or questions
  • Your email address, so I can email the report back to you, or call upon you to make a time to meet online
  • Prepayment via PayPal or internet banking

What I offer in this Numerology package:

  • Your Personality/Out number
  • Your Soul's Purpose/In number
  • Your Destiny number
  • Your Karmic numbers
  • Numerology on your name as well as birth date
  • Looking at your 9 year cycle
  • A report on how to make the most of your numbers therefore your life
  • I will also look at the Astrological placements, Western & Eastern
  • Rather than an emailed report back to you we have the facility to meet and discuss the report online
  • This fee also covers the extra costs incurred working online


Numerology Report:    $188.      Buy Now


  • I will require payment up front.
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for me to prepare the report for you or your friend.
  • We can then meet up or zoom our meeting and go through the report together.



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