Numerology My Experience

Numerology My Experience

Information about my training and learnings with Numerology.

My practice and presentations.


"We either make ourselves happy or miserable.
The amount of work is the same."
-Carlos Castenada, Mystic and Author 1925-1998

There are many various methods and many books on Numerology today including many websites articles on this subject. I use the traditional Pythagorean based Numerology system. It is the most popular, the most recognised method and it works well with all the other modalities that I also teach ie: Tarot and Astrology.

I teach this particular method in a one day 4 hour workshop which I run every couple of months. This is also a certificate program. You will confident to then use Numerology creatively in all areas of your life, as well as do Numerology readings for your friends and family.

In the early 1990s I did a workshop called Born to be Free with Teymara a leading Australian Numerologist at the time. This workshop entailed a huge portion on Numerology, since then it has become part of my life.

For a little while, I had the opportunity to work for Teymara and the Born to Be Free workshops. This kept me further enthralled with learning more about Numerology. Since then I have developed my own simple systems with Numerology, and I use these systems in my Readings today.


Master Yap Ru ResizedHad the pleasure of meeting Master Yap, 9th Dan Qi Gong master, Singapore 2011. He gave me some words of wisdom that I still remember and hold dear today.
Receiving Award resizedReceiving my Award for my Numerology presentation to over 1,000 people at the 7th International Feng Shui Convention, Singapore 2010.
Ru LilianaMeeting Lilian Too, who also spoke at this same convention. Lilian used to have a fabulous Feng Shui shop at Crown in Melbourne. I wonder how many of you visited her there?


My training to date:

  • 1992 Born To Be Free workshop
  • Worked for Born To Be Free enterprises
  • 1997 Trained Numerology with Laureen at the Fairy Shop in Niddrie
  • 2010 Numerology Presentation in Singapore at the7th Annual International Feng Shui Assoc. Check out my 6 part presentation on YouTube Here.
  • 2013 a 3RRR Radio interview on Numerology.
  • 2014 a 2 hour Numerology workshop through the Brimbank Council in Delahey.
  • 2016 Taught Numerology in Singapore for the first time.


I had the honour of being invited to Singapore and be a Guest Presenter and present Numerology. It was a wonderful experience and great opportunity to share with over 1,000 people all about my method of applying Numerology.

See my section on Numerology Classes for details on this one day certificate program, and subscribe to my monthly Newsletter Revelations, for the forthcoming dates and times on the next Numerology workshop.



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Numerology My Experience

Numerology My Experience

Information about my training and learnings with Numerology.My practice and presentations.  
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