Healings Shamanic

Healings Shamanic

Information about Shamanic Healings.

Everyone does it differently.

1 hr session with me is $80.

"Any fool can run towards the light.
It takes a master with courage to turn and
face the darkness and shine his own light there."
-Leslie Fieger, Author of the Delfin Knowledge System.

I have been interested in Shamanic healings and alternative healing modalities ever since reading all of Carlos Castenada books many years ago in the early 1980s. He wrote about his experiences as a sorcerers apprentice and his lessons in Toltec Wisdom. Maybe reading these books opened me up which lead me to my Tarot and esoteric studies that I practice and teach today.

There are many Shamans from different culture's all around the world, African, Hawaiian and the Toltec's in America to name just a few.

Shamanic Healings happen on the cellular level. Many Shamans go into an altered state (trance) contacting what was the cause of the the problem, illness or discomfort.

In the healing, I will sit and talk with you first to discuss the area you want to heal. I may use crsytals, smoke some sage, music, chimes or the use the singing bowl. You may be sitting down or laying down on the massage table. I will use whatever I am inspired to use for your particular healing.

Because Shamanic healings are not that well advertised, recognised or well known, people prefer to do a Reiki healing instead. Reiki healings are much more acceptable in society today.

I do enjoy exploring Shamanic practices immensely, I like to call myself a "Shamanic Healer Psychotherapist." One method that I encourage all my students to do is to keep breaking every habit or routine they are in so that you are always open to go in any direction and nothing is set in stone, routine or in concrete. Basically to keep spitting yourself out of your comfort zone! When you do this you are growing, learning and feeling alive, this is where the living is, this is where we experience life.

"I am a Warrior for Peace!
When you get to know me you will know this and see this in me!"


spirit guidesSpirit guides can take many forms. We have many guides that arise at your time of need.
TableThe tools I use in the healings are blessed by Monks and Shamans that I was privi to meet. It all adds up, to take the healing to a higher vibration.
ldsl believe we are all energies coming from the one source. We are one.


Some reasons to have a Shamanic Healing:

  • To align your chi energy and chakras
  • Heal inner wounds
  • To lift your Spirits
  • Relieve stresses
  • Aleviate aches in the body
  • To restructure your inner tapes
  • Learn your inner truths

My fee is:

  • $80 for 1 hour Shamanic Healing


CrystalsCrystals, Sage and singing bowls are an integral part of my Shamanic Healings.
wheel time"There is no such thing as time." Einstein said that! Time is a human construct.
open heartOne should feel lighter and refreshed after a Shamanic healing session.


"The average man is aware of everything only when he thinks he should be;
the condition of the warrior, however, is to be aware of everything at all times."
-Carlos Castenada

Shaman's around the world

While all Shamans are healers, the majority follow the "way of the warrior, a minority follow the "way of the adventurer". A "warrior" Shaman focuses on the development of power, control and combat skills to deal with fear, illness or disharmony. And an "adventurer" Shaman treat these conditions as effects, not things and deal with them by developing skills of love, cooperation and harmony and remain calm throughout.

The Shaman's warrior path can be a lonely path, whereas the adventurer's path is quite social. And it is near impossible to tell the difference between the two masters of either path because the more powerful you are, the more loving you are...since there is less and less to fear...and the more loving you are, the more powerful you are...since there is greater and greater confidence.

No Secrets

A true Shaman keeps no secrets about knowledge that can help and heal. As for misuse, that only comes from ignorance. The more knowledge everyone has about how to change things, the less inclination there is for misuse.

Knowledge held secret is about as useful as money under your mattress. Sacred knowledge lies not in it's reservation for a few but in it's availability to many. Widely spread knowledge actually has more potency than secrets locked up and unused.

Shamans recognise no hierarchy or authority in matters of the mind, if ever a group of people could be said to follow a system of spiritual democracy, it would be the Shamans of the world.


I acknowledge the following Shamans:

  • Robert Morning Sky
  • Serge Kahili King Ph.D., Hawaii
  • Carlos Castenada
  • Amy Wallace
  • Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Elder Grandpa Maynard, Alaska
  • Gini Gentry
  • William Whitecloud
  • Alejandro Jodorowsky, France




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