Healings Reiki and Classes

Healings Reiki Classes

Information on Reiki healings as well as Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master classes.

What the Reiki classes includes.


"If you give people light,
they will find their own way."
-Phil Donahue

I practice and teach the Usui Method of Natural Healing founded by Dr Mikao Usui, or Usui Sensei from Japan. I like to use the traditional method of the Reiki healing practice.

This life force treatment is transmitted by the laying of hands in certain positions. The life force energy travels along the meridians and the receiver allows it to be as strong as it needs to be.

ChakrasReiki assists to realign all your Chakras, it will leave warm, calm and therefore have a good nights rest.
Lisa Ru 2Allow a good one years practice before going for your next Reiki level.
catsSome people learn Reiki so they can go to animal shelters to pass this healing love energy on to all the animals.


Reiki is a safe natural healing modality that aids improvement that everyone can use. Beneficial to healing illness and works well with all other therapeutic practices and promotes recovery.

Reiki can be used to self-heal or for the treatment of others via absent healing (Reiki 2). Anyone can receive a Reiki healing, it is warm wonderful treat to give oneself or for a loved one. Everyone will feel a different sensation, someone may feel heat or cold while another may feel warm and tingly.

Everyone feels different after every session, the outcome may surprise you. It's like you remove the blocks or the resistance and your energy flows freely, this raises your vibration and opens you up to moving in different directions thereby bringing in new experiences through to relieving aches and pains.


lotus 2Remember: Don't wate Your Hands!
15 Swap Day 2My first Reiki Swap Day held on International Day of Peace in 2015. A day when we can give back to each other.
usui 1Sensai Usui is always in the healing room where I practice Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho.


Become a Reiki Practitioner today!

As a Reiki Master, I can now offer you Reiki Classes. Since 2009 I have been a practitioner of Reiki and I pleased to now be able to teach and share this powerful healing process with everyone that is interested in being attuned.

Once you are attuned to Reiki, you are attuned for life whether you practice it or not. There is no need to learn any other healing practice, Reiki healings covers all areas! of course the more your practice Reiki the more beneficial it is for you and others.

Every couple of months I run a 5 hour Reiki I class on a Sunday, which is a slow and easy day and more beneficial to doing a Reiki class. Or I am happy to run this class during the weekday, all I need is a straight 5 hour session with you. 

When you are ready to go further I can also offer Reiki II and Reiki Master Attunements.

All my classes are face-to-face and one-to-one, and run a Sunday. In this way you receive personal attention and we can run the class for the 5 hours. Also includes a folder with all the notes, hand placements handouts, Certificate as well as lunch for the day, see the extensive list below.

For those that would like to practice Reiki, I also sell the beautiful Celestial Reiki CD from my online shop. This CD features the 3min chime to assist you with moving your hand placements to the next position.


IMG 2022I would practice Reiki healings at the Healers Market as well!
hand positionReiki healings connects you to your Chakra power centres. What a lovely way to feel peace.
headacheAs a Reiki Master I can now pass on this intuitive healing method on to you. Once you recieve Reiki, you are attuned for life!

In these Reiki classes you will receive:

  • Classes are held in the one day, approx 5 hours, 10am - 3pm
  • Usually held on a Sunday
  • I like to run these classes on a one-to-one basis
  • A Folder will all the notes
  • You receive 4 Attunements
  • Lunch is provided for you and supper
  • Your Lineage
  • Symbols
  • Hand positions to perform Reiki on yourself
  • Hand positions to perform Reiki on Others
  • Certificate at the end of the day
  • A Reiki Treatment on you
  • Performing your first Reiki Healing

 Some other reasons to have a Reiki Healing:

  • Promotes relaxation and relieves stress
  • Aids in concentration
  • Relieves headaches and body pains
  • To feel positive and empowered
  • Aligns our chackas
  • We feel nourished and recharged
  • A natural spiritual healing

Fees for Reiki classes:

  • Reiki I Level - $388
  • Reki II Level - $388
  • Reiki Master Level - $688

The Reiki classes are held once every couple of months:

  • Saturdays - 10am - 3pm. - The next Reiki 1 class date is: 2 June 2024.

How to enrol into this Reiki class:

  • If you would like to enrol into these classes, just drop me an email and I will send you the booking in information.
  • I can also place on the waiting list and email you the month prior to class starting, giving you time to prepare.
  • The dates change all the time, once you are on the waiting list, I will let you know the dates of when the next class starts.
  • You may also like to subscribe to my monthly newsletter, Revelations. I show all the classes, dates and times there. 


healworldThe Earth is always in need of healing, practice healing the planet too.
Diana Manuela RuLove it when the friend wants to join in, support and reconnect with the Reiki healing energy.
17 Bernadette and Sammy Jul Aug aLove it when Mother and daughter learn together, what a beautiful way to connect with each other.


Reiki Principles
Just for today...
I will not be angry
I will not worry.

I will be grateful.
I will do my work honestly.
I will be kind to others.


Book in for a Reiki Healing today!

Anytime and any day is a good time to have a Reiki session. If you have chosen to be a Reiki practitioner then you would be practicing Reiki on yourself everyday! Otherwise you can book in to have healing anytime with me.

I have regular clients that like to book in every month to recharge. They may have 2-3 days off throughout their work-week and have a Reiki healing to relieve any built up stress before they return back to work. Sometimes they book in to maintain a specific ailment that they want to keep abreast of. Preventative cure is best the way rather than cure, right!   

If you have a sore back, I would recommend the 1.5 hour treatment for along fron of body and the back as well.


My Reiki Treatment fees:

  • $70 for 1 hour, healing along front of body only
  • $90 for 1.5 hour healing along front and back of body
  • $40 for 20 min Distant healing


 17 Conan 3Great to see the guys getting in there too!
 headacheImportant to do self-healing. Imagine how you would feel if you healed yourself every day! There are different hand positions you can do eg: to relieve headaches.
Before After Owl

"Reiki works on all levels:
Mental, Emotional, Physical and the Spiritual."

- Ruanna


Distant Reiki Treatment

For this treatment all you need to do is rest up in the comfy of your own home and I send you the Reiki healing, yep over the airwaves! You may choose to lay down in bed, on the couch, in your arm chair, or even have a relaxing bubble bath!

We just set up a time that suits us both. I will ask you for a photo, this is my way of you giving me permission to work on you. And of course payment is required up front.

The Fee for a Distant Reiki session is:

  • $40 for 20mins session.

Call me to discuss a Reiki treatment or how to become a Reiki Practitioner today on 0418 388 712 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You may choose to subscribe to my E-newsletter Revelations, for all the latest dates and times of the next Reiki I, Reiki II or Reiki Master workshops.


Peggy 2Love it when students recieve Reiki 1, they are beaming with love!
Oil bottles BI love to include essential oils with all my Reiki healings, adds to the calming effect.
Rebecca RuAs a Reiki Master, I can offer Reik 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master level attunements.


"Relax the Mind,
and the Body will Follow."
- Ruanna

Reiki Swap Day

Every year, I like to hold a Reiki Swap Day. The day I like to use for this Reiki Swap Day is the United Nations International Day of Peace.  It's not only about healing each other, it's also about healing the world!

World Peace Day is held on the 21 September every year.
2022 marks its 74th Anniversary!

This event is only for all my former Reiki students. If you have been a little slack with your Reiki healings this may be just what you need to reboot, reset and recharge!

This is a great opportunity to practice on one another, it is pretty special when you have so many hands healing you all at once. Also allows us to focus our intentions, share our experiences with others and gain confidence.

A gold coin donation will be great receive for this day, and we can choose as a group who to donate it too!

Subscribe to my monthly Newsletter called Revelations for the date of this annual event. Complete the E-Newsletter box below.


JanineIt lifts my spirit when I see people shine!
IMG 7501aI use this music with all my Reiki Healings, there is a ding every 3 mins, to remind you to move your hands to the next position.
 Reiki session Gift VoucherReiki session Gift VoucherI also offer Reiki sessions as a gift for your special friend, happy to create a Gift Voucher for you.

September 2019

"Just wanted to say thank you so much again for yesterday. I really had the most wonderful day, and loved every second of learning Reiki. It felt so right and you made it such an enjoyable experience. -Dimi

I am so looking forward to these next 21 days of healing for myself, and then to be able to share this wonderful healing with others. As I said, I had no expectations whatsoever, so what I felt with both receiving and giving the treatment was incredible. Just affirms everything I’ve ever believed in."  -Ashlee


August 2018

"Having experienced learning my Reiki 2 with Ruanna, her heart space energy has allowed me to absorb this wonderful information clearly. Ruanna has a calm and patient nature, making me feel comfortable to learn all this this wonderful and useful information." - Rebecca, Reiki II Certificate


March 2015

"Learning Reiki has literally changed my life forever!"- Danny

July 2012

"I pretty much passed out when I got home and was pretty fatigued the next day, as well as today. Think it's my body telling me it's time for a break. Flip-side is that I have been more focused on studying tarot and runes and have had a more calm approach to work. Feels like a bit of my fire has been tamed. Hope the feedback is helpful, and thank you again for the treatment, warmesst regards.  - Helen



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