Functions Hens Parties

Functions Hens Parties

Tarot Readings at a Hens Party is such a lovely way to say thank you to everyone.

Beloe is information, prices, and some fabulous ideas for your Hens Party.

If you would like to proceed, I can email you my "10 Questions" that covers all the detials.


Just wanted to thank you for the Tarot readings.
The girls absolutely loved it and there was not one person in the room
who didn't walk out saying 'I can't believe how accurate my reading was."
-Kind Regards, Kylie Hen's Night, Somerset Hotel, Melbourne 2010

Hens Parties are Fun!

The bride to be has the opportunity to get together with all her closest friends and family and lives the night up with yummy food, drinks and playing fun games. I have been priviledged to be invited to many Hens Nights over the years to do the Tarot readings.

To have a Tarot reading at a Hens Night is a real lovely way to thank everyone for all their support of the bride during this special time. A Tarot reading is a totally uplifting and fun experience for all involved, especially at a Hens Night because they feel safer being all together, and they can further explore their readings with other.


YarravilleHaving a lot of fun in Yarraville!
Michelle UprightLovely to do Tarot Readings for students at their Hens Parties.
Anna parkbSome Hens Parties are in the park, under a special tree!


"After all these years of doing Tarot readings,
it still amazes me how many people have not yet had a Tarot reading."

Depending on how many guests you may have at your Hens party, the more time the Tarot reader will have with each guest. On average there are usually about 20 guests and therefore the readings go for approx 8 mins each, of course the readings may take longer for the bride.

Sometimes I am asked to do the Tarot reading for the bride in front of everyone, and everyone asks the questions. This can be fun or it can be embarrassing depending on the group of people, so please choose wisely. Sometimes the bride doesn't know about the entertainment and the Tarot Readings are a surprise not only for the bride but for all the guests involved.

Every Hens party is different, some groups all put in a certain amount of money in each and all share in the expenses of the entertainment of the night and have a wonderful and warm nurturing night for all.

In 2010, I decided to have stalls at the Australian Bridal Services Expo's in Melbourne, so I can personally meet the brides, friends and family, discuss what my services and costs are, they then have the opportunity to sample my readings and I can also introduce my students, because if I am already booked out, my students go out on my behalf to do Tarot readings at Hens Nights as well.


IMG 6025aThis Hens Party was huge, everyone was invited. We even had a Belly Dancer and pretty scarfs. Fabulous to see all the woman energy going off!
Anna belly UprightSome Hens Parties love to have Belly dancing, Nail polish and Manicures, Massages even Characature drawings. All nurturing and fun activities for everyone to enjoy.
penny2Social Media today plays a huge part in celebrating Hens Parties, hence #Henny for Penny.


"My aim is for the bride and her guests to leave the reading feeling empowered
and charged up to go out in the world
and achieve their goals."

I have traveled to people's home's all around Melbourne, through to Hotel rooms in the city to perform Tarot readings for the bride and her guests.

I also offer Belly-dancing, its a very special way of honouring the feminine, great fun and laughter all round. A Masseur to massage Head & Neck and also Henna Artists to make the night complete is also available.

Usually the Tarot reader arrives as soon as the party commences, and starts doing readings as the guests arrive. The Henna Artist and Masseur can also arrive as soon as possible and I recommend the belly dancer to arrive after I have finished so no one misses out on the dancing and letting it all go!

I have colleagues that also work for me, if you choose to have more than one Tarot reading for your special event. Or if I already booked out, I have colleagues that can also fill in for me. They have been working for me since 2009, of which I am very proud of.


Katie5Other people like to book a table at a lovely restarurant in Southbank right on the Yarra River, Melbourne. Everyone is catered for, they can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Can you see me at the very end of the table?
Stephanie6We were sheltered under the gorgeous Gazebo in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne.
Anya Grand Final DayDoesn't matter when you have the Hens Party, even on Grand Final Day!


 My Tarot Reading fees are:
  • Minimum of 2 hours.
  • Up to 15 guests, $350 for minimum of 2hours.
  • Up to 20 guests, $380 for 2.5hours.
  • More than 20 guests, $420 for 3hours.
  • $50 for every half hour onwards.
  • This covers normal traveling time and insurance costs.
  • This allows approx 8 mins with each person and covers approx 15 people in the 2 hours, or if you only have 6 guests I can spend more time with each person.
  • If I have to travel more than one hour to get your place, (two hours there and back), there may be a further fee of up to $50. This covers the extra traveling costs and time involved.


Ru at IchiNiRenting out the basebent at IchiNi Restaurant was ideal for this Hens Party. There was a beautiful rose wall, Gin Tasting followed by a disco for dancing!
IMG 20200222 183558 253This Hens Party tapped into that old worldy garden party, with delicious punch drinks, finger sandwiches and pretty wild flowers abound. Time to get your straw hats out!
White HensThe theme for this Hens party was white. It was also all catered for, there were low picnic tables and cushions set up everywhere, it was very cosy.


Hens Party in Mooroolbark, February 2022

"Thank you so much for being part of our crazy, silly and fun day. We all had a great day and everyone commented on how wonderful it was to get a reading by you. It was a pleasure to see you and catch up on each others news."Julie

Hens Party in Armadale, December 2020

"Hi Ruanna, Thank you very much for joining us on Saturday - everyone loved their readings. There was much discussions about it. Thank you also for sending the photos." Best, Sonali

Simone's Baby Shower, December 2019

"Thank you so much for coming Ruanna, and adding a extra little zing to the day!" - Simone


Simone croppedThese guys rented a house in Rosebud. Everyone stayed the night and during the day they all did each others hair, and nails and ironed clothes. It was a beautiful Hens gathering. Then they went out for dinner!
 Fiona and JulieLove doing Tarot Readings at Hens Parties for students. I get to meet the family and be part of the fun!
 Laura fancy HensSome Hens Parties are fancy dress parties as well. Hire a venue, have it all catered for and everyone gets to hang loose!

Anya's Hens Party, September 2018

"Dearest Ruanna, thank you so so much for coming today and sharing your gift with everyone. I've never had a reading of an sort before and appreciate and agree with everything mentioned. All the guests thought you were amazing with many truly tripped out with the incredible accuracy of what came through. I'm so glad I found you. I'm sure I'll see you again and hope you have a wonderful night, kindest regards, - Anya

Hens Party at the Fitzroy Gardens, January 2016

"Hi Ruanna, Thank you again for helping make the party so wonderful. I'm so glad that I found you for the day, it was just perfect!" Thanks, Stephanie 


Katie's Hens Party at Fatto Bar & Cantina, Southbank, December 2015

"It was so great having you there. Everyone was so excited to get a reading. I will def pass on your details to any friends looking for a fun and different hens idea." - Katie

Rye LadiesbThis Hens Party was in Rye at someone's beach house. Once again they all stayed over and it was all catered for. Heaps of space, everyone really enjoyed themselves and relaxed. Then walk along the beach!
Scoresby Leah bHiring a male bar person is very popular with the ladies at Hens Parties.
Rhana2Halloween Fancy dress was popular at this Hens party. Wickedly fun thing to do!

Thornbury, October 2015

"Thank you for doing all the tarot readings in front of everyone at the party. Everyone felt more comfortable and they really got a lot from the readings, they commented on how much fun it was and how they were not so scary after all! Thank you for your insights, it really brought everyone together! - Harriet

Jo's Hens Party at Ladro's Restaurant, Fitzroy, February 2013

Natalie has been working with me for many years doing Tarot readings at Hens Parties when I get double bookings. Here is what some people had to say:

"Just wanted to pass on a note of thanks to Natalie, for coming to my friend Lauren's hens party on Sunday evening. Natalie did a great job and I know all the girls really enjoyed talking to her. It was a great addition to our party to have her there and gave the girls, especially those who didn't know each other, something fun to talk about over dinner. Please could you pass on my thanks to Natalie for coming along and doing such an awesome job!" Thanks Jo

"Thanks Ruanna, Natalie was great. Everyone loved her!- Rhanna



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