Astrology Reports

Astrology Reports

Create your own Astrology Reports for your family and friends.

This may bring an extra income for you!

Take the 6 months Astrology Class and learn how you can achieve this.


"If you choose unconsciously, you evolve unconsciously.
If you choose consciously, you evolve consciously."
-Gary Zukar, author of the Seat of the Soul.


Astrology has been around forever. There are over 30 different variations of Astrology just in Western Astrology methods alone not to mention Vedic and Indian Astrology based on the Moon cycles.

Here is a great birthday gift to give to anyone that is special in your life: a family member, a friend, for a birth of a child or for yourself.

It is a full comprehensive report, and it's something you can keep forever and refer to forever!

I use one of the most popular Western Astrology methods, the Placidus True Node Astrology. Therefore my reports reflect this particular Astrology in combination with my Psychology training and I use them both to give you a comprehensive report on your personality types.

The report will look at your communication methods, cover your love life, your attitudes at work and I will also look at your particular ways in personal and spiritual growth areas.

I always like to include Chiron in your report because it deals with the healing of wounds and all this is brought together in a quick summary review heading the report.


Astro WeddingsMany couples like to have their compatible charts done. Lovely gift ideas: for a birthday gift, or for a birth of a baby. There are so may ways you can gift Astrology.
Marilyn ElvisYou will create an Essay at the end of my Astrology class. This goes a long way for you to create Astrology Reports for your family and friends. What are you waiting for, book in for my Astrology class today.
Marilyn ElvisExplore the charts of the famous. This is Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley compatible chart.

Reasons to have an Astrology Report:

  • Find out your Rising or Ascendant sign (your Mask)
  • What sign is your Moon in, as well as all the other planets
  • Learn what is on your Mid Heaven (so you know what to aim for)
  • Understand the placement of your personal planets in which houses
  • Assists in understanding why you do the things you do
  • Understand why relationships dont work
  • Find out your Signature sign
  • Answers questions about career & relationships
  • Learn about your Family of Origins
  • Understand your Chiron wound that you were born with
  • So where to from here?

What I need for to do your chart:

  • Your Name
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Prepayment or a deposit
  • Up to 14 days to prepare your report

ancient scienceAstrology is seen as an Ancient Science. Some cultures are still influenced by the stars today.
Astro HandEveryone loves it when you talk or discuss them. They want to know inforamtion about themselves that may assist them to make the right decisions in life.
transitsYou can print charts online for free today. You just need to learn how to read it!

Your Astrology report includes:

  • A folder with approx 25 pages
  • An overview and summary of your horoscope chart
  • Your horoscope chart
  • Covering Nodes and Elements
  • North and South Nodes
  • Covering Solar and Lunar Ecilpses
  • Interpretations on all planets and their aspects
  • Full comprehensive report on Chiron
  • Up to an hour meeting to take you thru the report so you can read it and interpret it yourself with confidence

Astrology Natal Report.....$160.

You can google all this information online today!!

Even though I no longer have the time to do these reports, doesn't mean you can't.
Book in to do my Astrology class and you can learn how to do these reports for your friends.
It's the best way to learn Astrology!




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