Astrology Online Packages

Astrology Online Packages

I have been holding Astrology Classes online for years!

There are 3 Astrology classes running per week.

There is morning, afternoon and an evening class, hopefully one works for you!


"It frightens me the awful truth of
how sweet life can be."
-Bob Dylan

Some people love Tarot and others prefer the messages to come from the stars. Connect to your horoscope and make it come alive and work for you today.

If you are interested in learning Astrology, I can offer you lessons using the Skype facility. This works well if you live interstate, overseas or for example you are unable to drive. Or prepare your Astrology Report for you and do the reading online via Skype.


Maria HayesMaria started Astrology classes, then she up and moved her family to Queensland. Left her Nursing career behind to start a fresh new life. Completed her Astrology online.
astro globeNo matter where you are around the globe, we can get together and study Astrology online.
natal reportsLearn to create your very own Natal Reports for your family and friends. Makes a lovely gift idea.

Learning Astrology Classes Online

We can arrange a weekly meeting to work our way through all the components necessary to read a Horoscope chart, whether its your partners and/or families charts to understand generational threads and then compare them to your own chart.

We will work through the 12 Zodiac signs, Mythology, the 4 Elements that rule all the Houses and Signs, Nodes, Retrograde, all the Aspects, enough for you to understand how it all works and being confident with it!

What this class includes:

  • Your Astrology chart, and other handouts that will be emailed or mailed out to you
  • Up to a 6 month commitment to learn how to interpret your chart
  • This is a certificate program

What I need to be able to prepare:

  • Your birthdate
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Set up a Paypal account if you don't have one already

The Fee for this class is:

  • $58 per person per session 2 hours once a week.
  • This fee covers extra costs working online and postage cost if required.
  • Prepayment required prior to classes, payment can be made via Paypal Internet banking.


skype classesI offer either Skype or Zoom online classes. COVID rules has changed the way we do things today, but I have always used Skype or Zoom to connect with students.
Astro BookLearn Astrology and bring to life your own way of understanding this knowledge with confidence.
Pluto DisneyPluto from Disney was always my favourite charactor, I wonder why?


“Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology,
without further restrictions,

because astrology represents the summation
of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.”

-Carl Jung

Astrology Natal Report

This Astrology Natal Report is an overview of how the planets were placed at the moment of your birth and how this translates and plays out throughout the rest of your life. This is a quick summary and overview of your Natal Chart.

Once I have prepared your report, if we can not meet in person we have the option to meet via skype for me to give you an overview interpretation of your choice of report whether its your Natal Report or the Solar Return Report.

This Astrology Natal Report consists of:

  • Horoscope chart
  • Modes and Elements report
  • North & South Nodes
  • Covering all the major aspects with the major Planets
  • An overview summary of your chart
  • Up to an hour meeting to interpret your chart
  • This fee also covers the extra costs incurred while working online


There is so much Astrology information and availability on Google today.

 Astrology Natal Report $160.

** Allow up to a couple of weeks to prepare chart.


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