Astrology My Experience

Astrology My Experience

A run down of all my Astrology learnings.

I list them all here so I know how much work I have put in towards my Astrology growth.




"To keep a lamp burning we have
to keep putting oil in it."
-Mother Teresa

I have loved Astrology as far back as I can remember. and when I learned there was a course I can do to study Astrology I jumped into it head over tail.

I studied the 4 year Diploma course across 7 years because I wanted to just keeping going to classes and absorbing all the information available to me during this time.


Colour chartI offer a 6 month Astrology class and bring it all together for you. I print Natal charts for you and your family.
2022 Astro CalendarI also sell the Astrological Moon Calendars so you can track the Full Moons each month.
Poor PlutoWhy was poor Pluto ousted?

  • In 1993, I studied Astrology with Astro-Synthesis when they were at the Chiron Centre in Abbotsford
  • 1 whole year was dedicated to the Elements alone!
  • The Gods & Goddesses workshops
  • Studied Greek and Roman Mythology
  • Psychology Astrology and Relationships
  • Moon rituals
  • Achieved 1st and 2nd year Astrology Certificates
  • Became a Member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers
  • Kabbalah and Astrology classes with Institute of Esoteric Studies
  • Started teaching my 6 month certificate Astrology Program both in Melbourne and through my Kyneton Metaphysical Centre
  • 2008 Created Zodiac Car Stickers
  • Created my Astrology Reports

If you are interested in:

  • Understanding the world of Astrology
  • Doing my 6 month certificate Astrology program
  • or an Online Astrology class using the Zoom facility
  • Having an Astrology Natal Report for yourself or as a gift for your family member
  • an annual Astrology Reading


Colour chartUnderstanding Astrology is like learning a new language, its easier in a class situation because everyone brings a different set of experiences and we all learn from each other together. 
Colour chartAstrology is a very colourful modality to understand. Everyone loves to talk about their zodiac sign.
PiscesI'm a March Pisces zodiac sign. What is yours?


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