Riverwalk April 2017

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Sun 23 Apr 2The Autumn weather has been fabulous in April and it really does help you to get out and walk when the weather is sunny like that!

Here we are, always someone new joining in and making new friends! Although James is always recognised!

We have a new team that has joined in the Riverwalkers Facebook Group, yeay! It doesn't matter where you are, this group is about supporting you to get fit and stay fit and sharing this with others!

Revelations April 2017

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Venus in PiscesIts all about Venus for this month. Venus the Goddess of Love takes center stage and is teaching us to love oursleves, to nurture ourselves. Of course for those in relationships will be learning their lessons of love in the relationship!

Also in this issue, I am highlighting Earth Day, there is the monthly doTerra Workshop with Mark Sheppard and I list all my classes dates and times.

Click here for Revelations April 2017.


Mind Body Spirit Festival - Brisbane Mar 2017

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Bris TeamAnother fabulous opportunity to do Tarot readings at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane!

The readings were wonderful and so were the people, it is such an honour to do this line of work.

It is also wonderful to catch up with all the other readers, its like a family get together!

Until next Brisbane, stay cool!

GENI Foundation Team Meet March 2017

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Mar 17 bWe meet every week and we also Conference Call every week and just before we launch our annual fundraiser we get together to sort out all the paperwork and details, etc.

We have been supporting the GENI Foundation for over 25 years now! The projects that we are working on will take us another step closer to achieving our goals. What a team!

Riverwalk March 2017

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James Veronica Ru 2Love it when it all comes together. The weather is perfect and fabulous people meeting each other for the first time!

The puppies are not in this picture, hopefully in the next one!

Please join the Riverwalkers Facebook Group and join in with us or create your own walking group!


Riverwalk February 2017

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WalkiesHad a lovely walk around the Maribyrnong River again this morning. Here is Carlos sporting his brand new tie!

We have a few different people that like to join us each time and sometimes we stop for a coffe!

For all the announcements of when the Riverwalks are happening, please go to the Facebook Riverwalk Group and let us know if you will be joining us.

GENI Foundation Meets Pozible.com

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PozibleThe GENI Foundation will be tackling a Crowd-funding project due to launch 1st May.

It was auspicous that the organisation we chose, Pozible.com were holding an information night and their HQ is in Collingwood!

Here we are (Alex and Ruanna) armed and ready to tackle this project head on!

For more information visit the GENI Foundation Webiste.

doTerra Aust Convention

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doterra signMy first doTerra Australian Convention at the Gold Coast and I was excited because I was going to see Dr David K. Hill. He is one of the founders of doTerra and the Science Advisor. He knows all the data, facts and figures about the essential oils.

Dr Hill spoke for 4.5 hours straight, he was sensational! His energy did not flounder, he shared his own experiences, he was funny and kept us all amused as well. No wonder doTerra is the sensation it is today! 

Birthday March 2017

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Jay and Ru bday 57Don't usually like to showcase my birthdate celebrations and on the other hand I am all about celebrating, so when I remember to do it I will.

We don't celebrate enough and we need too and if I allow myself then I allow others to do so too!

Happy Birthday!


Revelations March 2017

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Venus Mercury 2Another successful Revelations Newsletter sent out for March!

It is a wonderful way to stay connected with all my students and new clients!

For this month's newsletter the theme is Happiness. The Astrology report points the finger at Aries a lot. Including new dates and times for all my new classes, also relevant Expo's and Festivals that are happening! 

Click here for March Revelations Newsletter.

Revelations February 2017

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2017 year of the Rooster 4Welcome to my new newsletter! And Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

February is a full on mon th with the 2 Eclipses and a very strong Mars energy playing through for the next few months!

New Classes times and dates and New Festivals have been annouced for 2017.

For more reading please click on Revelations February 2017.

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