Tarot Shadow Counseling

"By embracing my dark shadows,
I am healing and becoming whole.
I am gaining wisdom and learning compassion."
-Christine Jette

I also offer one to one Tarot Counseling for those that need to go a bit deeper, rectify or clear out beliefs that are no longer supporting you or holding you back in your life today.

I use Tarot cards to venture down into the unconscious to discover what is in your shadow. My Shamanic healing practices also come through as remedies to assist you with creating new healthy habits to get your life on track. Together we can look behind the mask of fear and turn it into your most powerful ally.



We will explore questions like:

  • What are your beliefs systems?
  • Do you feel your life is not moving forward?
  • Do you have re-ocurring patterns?
  • Have you any goals?
  • Are you sabotaging yourself?
  • What are you projecting?

Using tarot cards and spreads we will uncover the untruths that have taken hold of you and shape the world you are living. Once uncovered and become conscious of these untruths, you have the opportunity to easily leave them behind or choose to take them with you and shape a new world for yourself.

The ego may not like these new decisions you decide upon, yet over time your ego will find that you are not threatening it, ignoring it or think it's a dirty word, that the ego has its place and its duty of care of you, thereby allowing you to live a fuller mature life and living one of wisdom.


My fee for Tarot Shadow Counseling is:

  • $60 per 1 hour session once a week
  • Minimum of 10 sessions
  • This includes creating a journal where you will write your notes and see your progressions

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss Tarot Shadow Counseling, or call me on 9370 1415 or mobile 0418 388 712.


June 2016
"Using Tarot cards to do shadow work has made me aware that with constant awareness, hard work and seeing things in a new better light that I can turn my shadow/negatives into gifts/positive." -Lena

June 2016
"I understand the world of tarot and through them I was able to do uncover what was holding me back. We looked at my unconcious issues and brought them to light. We also looked at my positive side which made me more aware and stronger. The exercises were fun to do, mainly journalling but oh so insighful!" -Samantha



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All day parking is available across the road from my shop. Or travel by public transport - Airport West Tram line coming from Elizabeth St in the City. Tram numbers, #49, #52, #59. My Tram stop number is #36.


"Discover the hidden keys in the Tarot and experience profound personal growth" 
- Ruanna