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 "There is no reality,
There is only perception."


24 June 2016

Latest news on the book. It is currently in the hands of the Printers being laid out with the correct fonts and all the pictures in place, etc. Then I will have one last look and comment on the layout before it goes to print.

I am also now working on the Book Launch. Where to have the event, people to invite and creating the invitations. OMG so many things to work out and prepare. I am amazed how I went from working on the book mode to Book Launch and time to celebrate it mode. 

3 years of accumulation, reading and re-reading, going back and forth, but it has been a rewarding experience, and over 20 years of all my work, studies and experiences coming together.

After many nights of writing and re-writing, from getting permission to use the Rider Waite pictures through to finding the right person to assist me in bringing this book into the physical, it has been a wonderful experience. I may only write one ever book so I want to do it right.

Recently, I have added some pictures to share.



I love Fractals, they remind me of our lifes journey and our experiences going around and around, within and also without.

I also like to use the colour gold because when you tap into your shadow side this is where you will find all your gold! 

This is another reason I like to use the gold key, and I use heaps of gold keys throughout the book.

Once the book is published, you will be able to purchase the Book here through my online Shop.




July 2017

My book is currently at the Printers...OMG...it is about to become a real artifact! My publisher has rushed it through so he take this sample with him to a huge Chinese Publishers Convention in China, from there he is taking it to Queensland and then Sydney for special events he is attending there, then it is off to South Africa for more publicity. He will post me back some pictures of my book doing its whirlwind trip around the world so I can share and blog them here. Cannot wait to hold the book in my hands!

24 February 2016

What I can tell you is that the manuscript is back in the hands of Pat my Publisher for him to now edit it again. It will then be returned to me for the final edit before it goes off to the printers. I am very excited!


27 December 2016

We met again for a coffee and to discuss the progress of the book. All year the book has been going back and forth now to the lovely person who has being laying out the book and formatting the pages. It is really starting to become real.

We discussed the next phase which is the launch of the book. I have been scouting for venues and listing some fabulous ideas on how to make the evening a grand success. Looks like I am aiming for Late March or early April.


"Activate the Tarot and
Activate your life!"

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"Discover the hidden keys in the Tarot and experience profound personal growth" 
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