Tarot Classes

"And above all else to thy own self be true."
-Willam Shakespeare

Over the years through teaching my Tarot, Astrology and Numerology classes, I have met so many wonderful people, some have become dear friends. The link for all of us coming together was our love of Tarot.

I have taught many people all at different levels, some understood the Tarot cards intuitively and they joined my class just to learn what the symbols mean, others would know nothing about Tarot and their hunger to learn is simply overwhelming for them.



The Art of Tarot Program
Discover your Wisdom Within!

Many mothers and daughters do my program together. By using the Tarot, what a wonderful way for mother and daughter to open up, share and talk with each other. And many friends do the class together this also assists with sharing the information way after classes have finished.

I often say to my students that I do not teach anything that they don't already know, they are just remembering. This alone brings confidence, then the sharing within the class also increases this confidence because you are not just learning from oneself but also from all the others in the class.

To learn Tarot in a class is so beneficial on so many levels, a lot of people cannot mention to their friends that they are learning Tarots so its good to meet new people and grow with them. You look forward to seeing each other every week and sharing the Tarot homework and weekly experiences.




Some people just want a change in career and/or are looking at earning a bit more of an extra income on the side. Many of my students are running their own Tarot businesses today, and with social media out there, its all about how creative your are.

I have tailored my Tarot in Action program so you would know enough about Tarot, read the right books and gain enough knowledge to then follow through to becoming a professional member with the Tarot Guild of Australia. And I am proud of all my students that are now Professional Tarot Readers through the Guild.

Then there are those that are really searching for something more in life are drawn to the Tarot. I have many people searching to fulfill a yearning within, answering questions and don't even know what questions to ask.

Many turn to Tarot during a long-term relationship break up,and the Tarot seems to fill in the blanks and help one understand the journey better, they also give something to turn to when you just don't want to speak with anyone.

Others they have lost their dream or direction, far away or lost family and friends, there are so many reasons why we are drawn to the Tarot. No matter at what stage of the journey you are at, the Tarot seems to help you understand.

I hope you can join me and together we can travel down this wonderful journey of learning 'The Art of Tarot.'



The Art of Tarot program fees are:

  • $58 pay as you go
  • 2 hour class once a week
  • 6 - 8 month Certificate Tarot program
  • Approx 2 terms of 12 weeks each
  • I use the Rider Waite & Colman Tarot Deck throughout my classes, as I believe they use the best symbolism

The 1st term we look at:

  • The Major Arcana, learn how to use them as milestones in your life today.
  • Delving in to the Archetypes world and gaining understanding of how these energies work within ourselves.
  • We will explore all the Greek, Roman, Egyptian Mythologies associated with each card.
  • The Pythagorean Numerology associated with each card.
  • Western Astrology, and we look at Eastern Astrology too.
  • The meaning of symbolism and their connection with Dreams.
  • As well as all the Colors.
  • And of course Psychology.
  • We also look at the Kabbalah.
  • Spreads only using the Major Arcana cards will be practiced gradually so to build confidence.




The 2nd term we look at:

  • The Minor Arcana cards, the everyday energies that we use to live out our lives in the area of work, our loves, our material world and our mental attitudes.
  • The Four Elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water and their association with the 4 Tarot suits of Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups, and how these Elements affect us.
  • We continue with Colors, Psychology and Mythologies, etc...
  • Gain further confidence when we practice spreads using all the Tarot cards.
  • Learning so much more when we are in a class environment.
  • Comparing all the different Tarot cards.
  • We may also discuss Crystals, Essential Oil and all other alternative healing modalities whatever else becomes available for us to use.

What you need to bring for classes:

  • Rider Waite Tarot cards, I also welcome whatever deck you like to use.
  • Loose leaf paper and a folder with dividers.
  • Plastic pockets for all the handouts.
  • Writing pens and colored textas.
  • Dictionary.
  • Other Tarot related books and Tarot cards that you would like to share, it all adds to everyone's learnings.

I usually run Tarot Classes on the following days:

  • Monday Evening 7pm – 9pm
  • Wednesday Morning 10am - 12 noon
  • Thursday afternoon 1pm - 3pm


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 9370 1415 or my mobile 0418 388 712 to discuss details and new class dates.

For the lastest class dates and times, please follow me on my Tarot in Action Facbook Page.

You may choose to recieve my monthly newsletter Revelations where I always list the latest dates and times of all my classes. Click here to subscribe to Revelations.

Or you choose to learn Tarot Online via Skype classes or download my complete Tarot Video Classes and watch and learn from the comforts of your own home.



Tarot Class 2021

"Dearest Ruanna, I wanted to send you my Heartfelt Gratitude for a Wonderful and Inspiring journey through the world of the Tarot Cards. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the learning. Understanding each card at its core was so valuable and I cannot wait to put it all in motion with my readings. Thank you so much for imparting your awesomeness, wisdom and knowledge. You're truly not only a wonderful and incredible teacher...but also a warm, caring and exceptional person with a "Heart of Gold." Thank you for the Inspiration...Guidance...and most importantly your Friendship. Have a wonderful Sunday and look forward to the next stage of our journey with the Advanced course. Warmest blessings, -Francesca

Tarot Class 2020 - Due to Covid19, I moved the classes online using Zoom.

"I can't tell you enough how much I am enjoying the classes, by the way I am learning so much its great! Thank you! -Ryan

Tarot Class 2019

"The Tarot class run by Ruanna is quite a surprise!  The depth and layering of knowledge as we learn the cards has been profound.  I wanted to attend a course that offered true insight, so that I could learn and appreciate the complexity and simplicity, of Tarot.  I wanted a truly sincere and authentic teacher that loved to share their knowledge and their gift.This class has truly surpassed my expectations, thank you so much Ruanna!" -Narelle

"I've loved coming every single time to class, so lovely to meet you and the other ladies. The insights and tecahings were amazing! Many thanks again I absolutely loved the course." -Brigitte

"I just wanted to say a massive thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for last night’s class. I have been interested in exploring this aspect of myself for a long time and am so glad I found you to guide me along. I’m very much a believer that the Tarot is a gift from the Goddess, I also believe in womancraft and the need to be apprenticed in the ways - and feel so comfortable already with you in that respect - you have a really warm and generous way of teaching." -Tegan


Tarot Class 2018

"I really want to say a big thank you, learning about Tarot cards has helped me in more ways then what I expected when I started the class.  It has really helped me deal with issues that I was having and I am amazed at the self growth that has happened in the last 6 months. I also want to say a big thank you for your teaching and the obvious patience when we would go off topic.  So a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart."  - Jenni

"Thank you all your teachings and support throughout the Tarot course. It has been another dream come true for me and it has been a wonderful journey. I look forward to the Astrology course with you at a later date. Many blessings." -Jennifer


Tarot Class 2017

"I seize this oppotunity to say thank you. Thank you for all your valuable insights. They arfe much appreciated. Thank you for believing in me and guiding me towards the right path and directions. Thank you for sharing your business experiences with me as it gives me inspiration to have my own little business at one point in my life. Thank you for your time and listening to me when I came to you. Thank you for sharing all the little tips of life - they are valuable and mean a lot. It has been a real pleasure to have known you Ruanna. I wish you all successes, health, prosperity, happiness and all good in your life. Keep up with the good work that you do! I look up to you! Best wishes" - Sarah



Tarot Class 2016

"My sisters said that I seemed unblocked from doing the Tarots class, that I've totally opened up, they can see it in my eyes and my expression, I have more flowing energy. -Vivienne 

"The class is really fun, Ruanna is totally awesome and Tarot rocks!" -Emanuel


Tarot Class 2015

"Thanks Ruanna, I enjoyed the class and doing the test! - Eleanor

"Your beginners Tarot course is truly the most comprehensive Tarot course I have ever studied or come across.  So thank you for teaching the cards on such a deep level.  By covering the symbolism, colours, mythology, astrology and numerology associated with each card I really gained such a deep and profound appreciation and understanding of the cards.  You were very generous in answering the many questions I had in regards to the Tarot and I also appreciated how you took the cards and the Tarot to another level by touching on many other topics such as metaphysics, psychology and just spirituality in general, which all do relate back to the Tarot and the profound spiritual wisdom contained in each card.  I really gained so much from your beginners Tarot course and you were extremely generous in imparting your wisdom and really encouraging in taking my Tarot reading to another level by helping in practical ways and in also boosting my confidence in knowing that I can do Tarot readings for other people and valuing myself as a Tarot reader.  I'm really looking forward to fine tuning my Tarot skills in your Advanced course so thank you!"-Rebecka


Tarot Class 2012

"Thanks very much for the certificate and the letter. In regards to feed back for your course I'd like to say that it was comprehensive, engaging, fun and interactive. I actually enjoyed it so much that I wished I had at least 2~3 days a week of tarot classes instead of one! I like how you incorporated in detail the symbolism, mythology, astrology, numerology, etc, into your explanations of each card. I also liked how you referenced quotes from psychologists and philosophers relevant to your teachings. As a result you had introduced me to some great authors such as Robert Johnson whom I've come to love. My respect and love for Tarot has grown and it's all thanks to you Ruanna!"-Akira


Tarot Class 2009

"Learning tarot with Ruanna has turned out to be a wonderful experience. Not only is she a warm and caring person who brings humour and compassion to her lessons, but her depth of knowledge, experience and love for her subject has made my learning experience both fun and highly informative. With her tarot classes you not only learn tarot , numerology and astrology, but also about life and your journey through it. Learning tarot has helped to guide me through my days, adding insight to my experiences and decisions. To my delight I have also discovered that many of my clients enjoy a touch of Tarot, adding a bit of extra insight to their healing or counselling session. It is both an honour and delight to have Ruanna share her knowledge with me."
-Louise Humphreys, Director of Uniqity, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Creator of the Moonee Ponds Monthly Healers Market



Tarot Class 2008

"Im so glad that I met you this year and thank you for everything. Really loved the Tarot course and I think it was just what I needed. Your knowledge and insights are amazing and fascinating." -Love Janette

"Personal rec here...I did this course with Ruanna a few years ago. It is fabulous, Ruanna is an amazing teacher. You will find out more about yourself in this course than you thought possible. A++ !" -Tamara


Tarot Class 2000

"For me Tarot in Action was a wonderful experience. The beginning of a profound journey of self-discovery. I loved the colour, the symbology and the pure wisdom of the cards. I also love the stories, thoughts and wisdom shared by everyone in the group. I now have the tools to tap into my intuition and unconsciousness. The cards confirm that I have many ways to respond to a situation or conflict. For me its all about choices. Tarot in Action, facilitated by Ruanna with such grace and humility, was tremendous fun. We laughed a lot. I would suggest this experience for anyone who wants to get in touch with their true Spirit." -Danny Tiomkin



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 9370 1415 or my mobile 0418 388 712 to discuss details and new class dates.

For the lastest class dates and times, please follow me on my Tarot in Action Facbook Page.

You may choose to recieve my monthly newsletter Revelations where I always list the latest dates and times of all my classes. Click here to subscribe to Revelations.

Or you choose to learn Tarot Online via Skype classes or download my complete Tarot Video Classes and watch and learn from the comforts of your own home at your own pace!




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"Discover the hidden keys in the Tarot and experience profound personal growth" 
- Ruanna