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Revelations #136 September 2018


Hi Ruanna,

You may notice in my newsletter every month, I like to list the Calendar of Events of all the special Days that the United Nations has set up to bring awareness and observances to all the various situations that need our attention, from special illness days through to threatened species days. 

One particular day I especially like to honour each year is the International Day of Peace. I am a warrior for Peace. This year marks its 70th year of this UN World Peace Day!

Every year, I invite my past Reiki students for a Reiki Swap Day to honour this is a particular day. As we Reiki each other we also send our love awareness around the World. Alternatively, you may create your own Reiki healing or Meditation on this day to amplify the Peace movement energy. See below for the details on the Reiki Swap Day.

Heaps of Specialness...


1. Astrological Report & Calendar of Events for September
2. Tarot Card Combinations
3. Classes, Workshops, Programs and Products
4. Festivals, Expo's, Special Events and Fundraisers



1. Astrological Report for September


This month has a very practical and grounded energy because we will have 7 planets in the Earth Element sign.

It is a great month for getting traction with all your plans that you have been thinking about on that Body, Mind and Spiritual level!

Time to get your ideas out and list the plans on paper! Actually create strategies and time frames towards bringing your vague ideas into the real world! This is an awesome month for you to really manifest!

On 5 September, Mercury moves into Virgo and on the same day Saturn goes Direct in Capricorn. Note that the Sun has already entered the sign of Virgo.

Virgo loves to be organsied and practical with a clear focus on what needs to happen next to manifest its outcomes.

Mercury rules the sign of Virgo so it feels at home here. Mercury is an Air Element and rules our mental thoughts and ideas, so this is a very strong placement. Whatever you are thinking about will stick, its time to get clear in your thinking processes.

Also note that Mercury will remain in Virgo till 21 September, it has a very quick transit, so all these ideas that are coming though will happen very very quickly. Write things down as the ideas pop up because they can quickly leave as well! 

Saturn going Direct in Capricorn will amplify your actions at this time and really bring forth some real strong strategies to assist you.

Saturn rules Capricorn and its been hanging around this sign for a good while, and now that its going Direct you may feel that your work and career is progressing, that you even want to work! Maybe even get the job you really want! Also your hobbies and projects that were stalling may start to take shape.

We know Saturn to be the Hard Task Master remember, and he demands that you create strong foundations to whatever you are building. If its worth building then its worth doing it right the first time, and not waste your time, energy and money in having to redo it again!

On the 9 September, we have a New Moon in Virgo. New Moons are about planting new seeds and Virgo loves to make new things grow right! The question is how much are you prepared to do to make it happen? What are the practical steps?

Mercury rules Virgo and your analytical, intellectual and your mental mind is activated here. Are you focused enough? Are the steps clear? You may need to be cleaning up your thoughts, you may need to bring in a new way of thinking? You may need to totally clean up your life! This is what the New Moon in Virgo is all about!

On 10 September, we have Mars moving into Aquarius again! Mars was in Retrograde and went back into the late degrees of Capricorn and now moves forward into Aquarius again and will remain in this sign until November.

Mars the planet of action and the God of War is ramping up the energy of Aquarius, that unconventional energy that opens us up to be more bigger thinking and objective views.

Aquarius is also an Air element and this will support Mercury in the Virgo placement, but also think about it, Saturn is Direct and Mars is also Direct and there are 7 planets in an Earth Element. This is a very powerful time to get your life in order, a very practical down to Earth time to start getting real!

More on Mars, on the 18 September Mars will Square Uranus, whoa! This can be a really explosive time, the boost, the turbo button. Can you imagine, Mars the God or War meets Thor! There is a lot of power here!

Use this energy to your advantage, be assertive and have fabulous breakthroughs, otherwise the aggression will come out in an explosive destructive way. Be mindful, reign this energy in and use it your advantage not disadvantage!

On the 20 September, the Sun Conjuncts Mercury. The Sun which represents your confidence, your personality and ego meets Mercury the ruler of your thoughts and ideas, your clarity and mental thinking processes.

In these few days, because Mercury moves very fast and this conjunction will leave quickly, you have the opportunity to bring a very clear powerful and enormous clarity to your thinking. It will really feel like the lights have switched on, I call it the BFO, the Blinding Flash of the Obvious!

Make a note of this date and spend some time with yourself and write those lists, prioritise and do some brain storming! Design the vision board you have always wanted to do, spend time doing it. Get the clarity, and design new belief systems and live the life you want!  

Lastly, on 24 September we have a Full Moon in Aries. Full Moons bring your emotions to a peak, a time of harvesting, a time to pay attention, and Aries which is ruled by Mars will bring us a great Full Moon for this month!

What makes this a full on Full Moon is that it will be T-squaring planets in Libra and Capricorn, this brings us tension. Squares in Astrology can be challenging but I think they are fabulous because they make us move!

When planets square each other its like they both want to go through the door at the same time, they keeping bumping into each other. But that's just it, they are moving, there is action here and Aries ruled by Mars adds fire to this action, brings out your warrior side so that we are prepared to engage!

What a wonderful powerful month, happy breakthroughs!


Calendar of Events For September

India urges the UN to declare 2018 as the
"International Year of Millets."

The proposal, if agreed, will raise awareness about millets among consumers, policy makers, industry and R&D sector. Millet is a common term to categorise small-seeded grasses that are often termed nutri-cereals or dryland-cereals.


1  National Wattle Day. WEAR a sprig of wattle or Australia's colours of green and gold. GREET each other with 'Happy Wattle Day'. ORGANISE a picnic, lunch, morning/afternoon tea, BBQ or dinner for your family & friends.
2  Father's Day. Many Australians observe Father’s Day on the first Sunday of September. It is a day for people to show their appreciation for fathers and father figures.
3  Australian National Flag Day. The Australian flag is unique - it was the first flag in the world to be chosen in an open public competition, and it is the only flag to fly over an entire continent. It will celebrate its 118th "birthday" on September 3, 2018.
7  National Threatened Species Day, encourages the community to help conserve Australia's unique native plants and animals, and raises awareness if extinction prevention.
9  National Bilby Day in Australia, is the second Sunday in September, which campaigns for the preservation of one of Australia's most lovable, but threatened, native animals.
10  New Moon in Virgo. This New Moon is in the Earth element of Virgo. Great time to plant your new ideas. Earth makes things grow.
13  RUOK Day. RUOK is a suicide prevention charity in Australia, reminding people that having meaningful conversations need to happen every day.
16  International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. This event commemorates the date of the signing of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in 1987.
19  World Parks Day, take a walk in your local park and truly appreciate its magnificence.
21  UN World Peace Day. Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September every year. For 2018, we celebrate the 70th year!
22  Equinox, equal day and night in the northern and southern hemispheres.
22  Ostara, Pagan /Wicca. This is a time to honour the masculine. As day and night stand equal, it's important to celebrate everything that is great about being alive.
22  World Car-Free Day, when people from around the globe get together in the streets to remind us all that we don't' have to accept a car-dominated society.
22  World Rhino Day. Celebrates all five species of rhino: Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos.
25  Full Moon in Aries. This Full Moon will be highly active emotional energy because Aries is a Fire element and it knows how to fire things up!
26  World Maritime Day, aimed at ensuring that international shipping keeps up to date with technical and technological advances in safety, that it addresses the ever increasing number of environmental challenges and concerns of Member Governments.
29  Blue Ribbon Day. The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation perpetuates the memory of members of the Victoria Police killed in the line of duty.


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2. Tarot Cards Answer My Monthly Question

Every Month I like to turn over 2 cards, one from the top of the deck to represent the Conscious energy and the other from the bottom of the deck to represent the Unconscious energy. I am always thinking of the big picture and always exploring for the collective.

This month, I asked the Tarot Cards about the UN Special Days, do they make a difference? The two cards I turned over were: Knight of Pentacles and Wheel of Fortune.

The Knight of Pentacles in the conscious position shows us how determined we can be and The Wheel of Fortune is in the unconscious position may be suggesting how things are always changing.

The energy of the Knight of Pentacles is very slow and steady and is an Earth Element which is that practical and grounded energy.

The horse is a Draught Horse, you can see the hair on its hoofs, they are real work horses.

Horses also represent a very masculine action motion energy, our vehicle through life. There is always a rider sitting on the horse ready to charge, armored up and ready for battle.

The Knight of Pentacles suggests we want to do the right thing and support good ideas and projects that are happening in the world. He would not be wasting his time on meaningless activities. He does things of value and wants to get into action, its slow action.

The Horse is black in colour and black is the colour of unseen manifested energy, the steps to action are still in the dark. Also we may not even know how to do it, or we may need the support, a team and the funds to do it and that's a whole lot of other actions.

Pentacles remind me of seeds we plant in the ground. When the seed is planted, all we need to do then is to take care of it and it will grow.

You first have to plant the idea for it to grow
From little things big things grow!


The Wheel of Fortune in the unconscious position gives me hope, because the wheel is forever turning, new ways of doing things are always coming through. We are getting smarter and more efficient.

The Wheel of Fortune is a number 10. Number 10 is about new beginnings on the next level, you have regenerated and upped the anti! Every time the wheel turns, we move up therefore we can see more and vibrate higher.

The Wheel of Fortune is telling us to be aware of the wheel turning, we are about to change our place on the Wheel of life. This is what gives me hope!

In Summary,

The Knight of Pentacles has already prepared the soil and planted the ideas to make this planet a better home for all of us. There are good people out there planting many seeds in all various areas from curing disease, to looking at making a difference to our environment.
Today, we have the best medicines, the best housing ever
We just need to recognise and prioritise things!

With the Knight of Pentacles you may doing all the physical work, the hard labour and not see the changes you are contributing to the plant.

And with the Wheel of Fortune the changes are happening but on the psyche level, the unseen level, but things are changing and it is making a difference and we will eventually see all the good effort in the world.


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3. Classes, Workshops, Programs and Products


~ Do you want to discover what the Keys are in the Tarot?

~ Do you want to acquire a new skill?
~ Earn an extra income?

~ There are 22 fully comprehensive Tarot Video classes
~ Over 40 hours of Tarot and Ancient Wisdom
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~ Stop and rewind at your leisure
~ Learn from the comfort of your home

   Watch this 1min Tarot Video Sampler to see how the Tarot classes are on Video.
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Visit my Tarot Book Page for a running history on the creation of the book.  
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     Monday evening, Date TBA 2019, 7pm - 9pm
Wednesday morning, 3 October 2018, 10am - 12noon
     Thursday afternoon, Date TBA 2019, 1pm - 3pm

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     Wednesday evening, Date TBA January 2019, 7pm - 9pm

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     Reiki I - Saturday 22 September 2018, 10am - 3pm

     Only 5 hour classes for all Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master classes.

     For more detailed information visit my Reiki Classes Webpage.


     Thursday evening, Dates TBA 2019, 7pm - 9pm

     Friday morning, Dates TBA 2019, 10am - 12noon

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     Saturday, 8 September 2018, 10am - 3pm

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     Wednesday evening, Dates TBA for 2019, 7pm - 9pm

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     This is more a one-to one session, contact me to discuss further.
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4. Festivals, Expo's, Special Events and Fundraisers



For September one of our Wellness Advocates Jay Garland is going to present for us the ins and outs on Team Building.

As you read this, Jay is probably researching all there is to know about building your doTerra team. What does doterra's exclusive "Power of 3" mean? It will be a fun and informative evening for sure!

The Topic for September Workshop:
Growing Your Team!

Please join us for these informative evenings, come along to share and learn together with us. These meetings are invaluable to growing your confidence, knowledge with doTerra essential oils and products and of course growing your business!

Great opportunity to invite your friends, meet the team, bring your questions and lets all share in the doTerra experience!

Purchase doTerra Essential Oils today!

Venue: Tarot in Action shop, 165 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds
Date: Tuesday 11 September 2018
Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm. Bookings are essential as space is limited!

Information: Ruanna 0418 388 712



Every year I like to invite back all my Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master students to share in a day of giving back.

International Day of Peace is one of those days close to my heart and what a better way to celebrate this day by sharing in a Reiki Swap Day!

If you haven't been practicing for a while, this day may be the day to kick start your new habit. Come along and share your experiences and meet others that love this practice too. 

Venue: Tarot in Action, 165 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds
Date: Sunday 16 September 2018
Time: 10am - 3pm. Come along for 1hr or for the whole day!
           Space is limited, bookings are essential.
           And I will need someone to bring along their Massage table too!



This will be our 11th year gathering to raise funds and awareness to stamp out the bear bile trade!

The money totally goes to the Laos Bear Sanctuary, through our friends, Free The Bears. I have personally been to the Laos Bear Sanctuary and seen the bears for myself.

The money goes towards the bears surgeries, food and shelter. It also goes towards education at schools to teach the new generations that this practice is not necessary today, then this teaches their families to give up their bears that they keep in cages out the back.

Venue: Queens Park, cnr Mt Alexander Rd & The Strand, Moonee Ponds
Date: Sunday 28 October 2018
Time: 11am - 2pm
Donation: $30
What to Bring: Chair, table, or picnic blanket, food & drinks to share, glasses,
                          tea-towels & napkins, your donation, your friends and your teddy!
Information: Please call Ruanna on 0418 388 712
Follow the LunaBears Lads and Ladys Facebook Page 



Australia’s largest health, wellbeing and natural therapies event.

Learn from over 200 exhibitors, attend free inspirational seminars, book yourself a psychic reading, try some body pampering, watch the free stage performances, join a free meditation session and taste some delicious health foods!

See, try and buy unique products and gifts including jewellery, cosmetics, music, books, giftware, clothing, crystals, educational courses, body treatments and more!

Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre           
Date: 16 - 18 November 2018
Time: 10am - 7pm daily
More information: Register for your Free ticket here



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