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Revelations #164 January 2021


Hi Ruanna,

We are still not out of the woods yet, we still have a way to go with the pandemic and lock-downs, but I feel we are definitely in the process of healing.

You have choice in how this new year will be for you, set your intention and get into action to make it happen!

More information on what the theme is for the 2021 year in the Astrology Forecast for January below.
In Numerology,
2021 adds up to the Universal year number 5.
The number 5 is all about release, freedom, change, upgrade, travel and movement.

Truly, I feel anything is going to be better than the past year we have just had.

The number 5 is going to bring us a new way of looking at things, break free from the rigid routines and structures and have the ability to deal with situations in new and unorthodox ways.
So expect the unconventional in 2021!
Many breakthroughs will occur and travel will open up again for us, but expect the unexpected. This can be exciting for those that are open-minded, and very threatening to those that are not.
l would like to send a huge Thank you to the Tarot Guild of Australia for the invitation to present my PowerPoint presentation for the Guild's December Zoom Webinar. Thank you to the TGA team for all their support and getting the Breakout Rooms set up!

Also thank you to everyone that tuned in to my PowerPoint presentation as well, love you for that! It will be available soon on the TGA's webinar list for those that missed it.
Heaps of Specialness,





1. Astrological Report For January

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

We start the New Year with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn and Jupiter conjoin every 20 years. They will make 10 conjunctions in 200 years before they move into the next Element. That is why this meeting is a great conjunction because they have moved from the Capricorn Earth Element into the Aquarius Air Element.

The last 200 years in the Capricorn energy, we were dealing with the practical side of life like building cities and building businesses, the economy was the focus. We were busy inventing cars, the telephone, washing machines and areoplanes.

In Aquarius the focus is going to shift towards technology, new ideas, developing and inventing new sciences. In the next 200 years we will have new discoveries, we will understand new belief systems, have a new way of thinking and believing, going past the physical and into the 4-D or even 5-D view.

We will learn that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. We will somehow have proof, not just believe it. Prayers and affirmations really do work and so does Reiki Distant Healings!

You will see how powerful and talented you are more than what you can imagine. So start getting clear on what you really want. Because what you think and believe about yourself, you will ultimately become and manifest it!
January 2021 Forecast

The 6 January Mars moves into Taurus. This is the first astrological change for our new 2021 year. This is a huge shift because Mars was in its home sign of fiery Aries for the past 6 months.

Mars is the planet of energy and motivation, anger and courage, and we really did see a lot of anger and frustration happening all around us in the past 6 months.

Now with Mars moving into the earthy Taurus sign, we will see things settling down and stabilising more. Some energy towards practical things will take place, like the vaccines that are beginning to be rolled out and we will start solving the COVID problems.

Mars will also be working with radical Uranus, because Uranus is also in Taurus. Expect new revolutionary ideas coming through, especially in areas of the economy, because it has taken a big hit lately.

I like how this new word "pivot" has become a new term in business. People have had to radically shift their businesses from doing one thing into another to survive. And they have done so successfully! 

On 13 January, we will have a New Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn is another Earth element which will aid the grounding and healing of all that is currently going on.

This New Moon is echoing the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn that happened this exact time last year, add to this the powerful combination of the Mars Uranus conjunction.

As I previously have mentioned, we are still not out of the woods as yet, we need to be extra alert. These powerful planets are making a statement once again and I would take it very seriously.

The New Moon is asking us to develop new emotional habits and patterns. We need to integrate what we learned in 2020 and play out these new routines responsibly throughout 2021. 

On 14 January, the planet Uranus goes in Direct motion. Uranus the planet of buzzy, electrical, radical and revolutionary energy will start to speed things up for us.

All that Age of Aquarius energy of freedom and liberty for all is starting to take some form in the world. You may see or hear about these revolutionary and expansive changes happening in our communities.

We will have a release from the old thoughts, allowing for new brilliant ideas to come though. We may have some breakthroughs and understand what is actually going on in the world, we may get some exact answers!

Just be mindful to stay focused and calm, because your mind may actually be bubbling over with  ideas!
This is what the theme of this whole 2021 year will be about.
To stay focused with discipline!

On the 20 January, Mars meets Uranus in an exact conjunction. This is where things can become quite volatile, and it just so happens to also be the inauguration of President Biden into the White House.

Yes the sense of adventure is definitely there with fiery Mars and electric Uranus combining forces, but there is also the volatility and unpredictability side, this is what needs to be handled and managed well.

If you direct this energy in a positive way, you will see powerful and dynamic manifestations of great things happening.

On 28 January, we will end the month with the Full Moon in Leo. One of my favorite Full Moons, because Leo is all about confidence, playfulness and self expression.

Leo is fiery and friendly, its about shining the light, being the light and shining your light brightly! Time to take that centre stage.

Tap into the enthusiastic energy of this Full Moon and that playful Leo energy, feel the surge of your strength and courage pumping through your veins, and use this energy in a creative constructive way.

Remember that we can all shine in our own particular way, we all can bring something rich to the table to share. The feeling is one of joy, you will feel less constrained and uninhibited in some way, let the energy flow calmly, otherwise it can turn dramatic and excessive with no outcomes.
What a wonderful powerful month, happy breakthroughs!    

Calendar of Events For January

The United Nations has declared 2021 as the International Year of Peace and Trust, the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, and the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour.

1  New Years Day.
2  Anniversary of the International Whaling Commission,
set up in 1946 to provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks and govern the conduct of whaling throughout the world.
3  The anniversary of the 1984 Bhopal chemical disaster in central India. Nearly 3000 people died from the effects of the poisonous gas in the days following the leak and 20,000 others have since died.
5  National Bird Day.
12  New Moon in Capricorn.
A conservative mood.
17 - 19  World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi in 2022. Sets the stage for engaging, thought-provoking discussions on the global sustainability agenda and how advances in artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things can accelerate sustainable development.
20  Penguin Awareness Day.
21  Martin Luther King Day.
26  Australia Day.
27  International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.
28  Full Moon in Leo.
A confident mood.







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2. Tarot Cards Answer the Monthly Question...

Every month I turn over 2 cards, one from the top of the deck to represent the Conscious energy and the other from the bottom of the deck to represent the Unconscious energy. I am always thinking of the big picture and exploring for the collective.

What did the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, calling it the Christmas Star, and happening right on the Solstice mean for us?
We have the
9 of Wands in the Conscious position and 3 of Cups in the Unconscious position.

These two cards literally are the difference between Saturn and Jupiter.

The 9 of Wands is so Saturn energy. The hard working task manager, doing whatever it takes to get the job done just right.

And 3 of Cups  is so Jupiter energy. Lets just party, celebrate and be merry!

Even the numbers have a Saturn and Jupiter vibration with the number 9 being all about responsibility, demonstrating being a teacher,  leading the way for others. Whereas the number 3 is all about creativity, potentiality, growth, abundance and good communication.

It is also interesting this conjunction happened mid December, because Jupiter rules the Sagittarius and the month of December, whereas Saturn rules the Capricorn and the month of January.

In December this is very much the Xmas energy, we spend big money, we get together with our loved ones and we have a merry time, just like the 3 of Cups depicts. Then in January we tighten our belts and pay for everything we spent our money on as well as start saving to pay for the kids school books, just like what the 9 of Wands would do.

It seems to me that this great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is asking us to strike a balance between work, the 9 of Wands and play, the 3 of Cups. We need to commit to something, we need to work at achieving our dreams, but we also need to appreciate that time out and be with family. This to me is one of the biggest learnings of 2020.

In Summary, in relation to the question...

The 9 of Wands holds the energy of Saturn, working at what we love to make our dreams come true. Putting in the effort, putting in overtime, maybe overworking?

The 3 of Cups shows me that we also need to celebrate our accomplishments. Acknowledge the little achievements along the way. Too much work makes Jack a dull boy, right?



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4. Festivals, Expo's, Special Events and Fundraisers



Looking forward to especially running this doTerra workshop in 2021. There will be at least 3 or 4 meetings beginning with:

Symphony of the Cells
Mark Sheppard


Learn about the intelligence of essential oils, understand how to allow them to do their natural work and combine that with the intelligence of our own bodies.

These meetings are invaluable, to growing your confidence and knowledge with doTerra essential oils and products.

Venue: Tarot in Action shop, 165 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds
Date:   Tuesday Date TBA, April 2021
Time:   7:00pm - 9:00pm
Fee:     $20 per person. Bookings are essential.

Information: Ruanna mobile 0418 388 712
Facebook Group: My Essential Oils



Australia’s largest health, well-being and natural therapies event.

Learn from over 200 exhibitors, attend free inspirational seminars, book yourself a psychic reading, try some body pampering, watch the free stage performances, join a free meditation session and taste some delicious health foods!


All readings have moved online to the Psychic Reading Zoom Room.
For bookings go to: mbsfestival online readings

Venue: Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre    
Date: Dates TBA June 2021
Time: 10am - 7pm daily
More information: Mind Body Spirit Festival



A feast for your spirit and soul, it encompasses what positive energy is all about.

With tonnes of beautiful stalls and over 80 psychics you are bound to find what you are searching for.


Venue: Adelaide Showground, Goodwood Rd, Wayville, SA        
Date: 29 and 30 May 2021
Time: 10am - 6pm daily
More information: Body Mind Psychic Expo


In 2020, we didn't get to gather for this years Annual LunaBears Picnic, but it didn't stop us raising the funds.

The funds is for the Bear Sanctuary in Luang Prabang, Laos, through the Free The Bears with the resolve to end Bear bile farming forever!

We raised $480 in 2020!

All the funds go towards, medicine, rescues, food, upkeep, you name it there is a lot of work that needs doing and all that costs money.

Venue: Queens Park, cnr Mt Alexander Rd & The Strand,
             Moonee Ponds       
Date: Sunday 24 October 2021
Time: 11am - 2pm. Group Photo: Taken at 12 noon!
Donation: $30 per person
Information: Ruanna mobile 0418 388 712
Facebook Group: LunaBears Lads and Ladys


This environmental organisation has been going for 25 years! The GENI initiative is about every continent linking up on an energy grid using renewable energy and sharing this sustainable energy with our neighbours across all time zones.

Join our Monthly Morning Zoom Meetings, we will have Guest Presenters and GENI Foundation Team members as speakers.
All the Zoom Meeting dates are on our GENI Foundation
website: genifoundation.org.au
  • Volunteers welcome!
    Join us in making a difference to humanity
    with no harm to the environment!
  • Become a Patron and Pledge as little as $3US
    per month and lets put Solar Panels on Pensioners roofs!
Information: Ruanna 0418 388 712 or
Email on: info@genifoundation.org.au
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Learn practical skills and basic self defence techniques in a fun and supportive environment.
Taekwondo is for everyone!
Our workshops provide participants with the basic skills that you will practice in a class environment. We will also teach you about our training systems and transitioning you from beginner to an empowered black belt.
  • All courses are female only
  • Participants can complete the 4 week beginners course
  • Join regular on-going classes
  • We offer short courses
  • Group workshops - Personal and Corporate classes
  • Private lessons
Visit Facebook Page for all classes and info: Self-Defence Hub


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