Riverwalk August 2017

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Aug 17The weather was funky this morning and it rained on and off, it is the end of Winter afterall!

But that did not stop us from getting out there and walking our lap around the Maribyrnong River, actually it was so refreshing, we warmed up quickly and when I got home had the heartiest brunch as well!

To follow or join us for our Walks, please check "More Than Just Walking" on Facebook. 

Thank You - August 2017

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Thank You Aug 17Sometimes I receive gifts, flowers and sometimes I receive Thank You cards from the dearest of clients sharing their experiences with me after having a reading.

It is a most touching experience to be able to do readings for people that assist them to extended themselves with confidence and change their directions in life for the better.

Feeling blessed!

More Than Just Walking - August 2017

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Carlos Daffodils 2017I did change the name of this Facebook Group from "Riverwalkers" to "More Than Just Walking."

Why because people don't just walk around rivers, they across walk down the beach or around the block. Plus "More Than Just Walking" incorporates all the aspects of walking in a group, ie helping each other to Stay Fit, meeting new people, etc.

Please follow our More Than Just Walking Facebook Group and please feel free to join us soon!

Yayoi Kasama Exhibition - Singapore July 2017

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Dotty flowerWow! Now that was an experience!

How can dots make you feel anything? In this exhibition it was visual and experiential and fun!

Yayoi is an Avant Garde Artist from Japan and her collection was fabulous. So greatful I was able to experience her world.

I know it is coming to Queensland, so if you have the opportunity to go, do it!

Singapore Masterclass 2017

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MerbearFeeling so privilaged in being able to teach Tarot in Singapore once again. Thank you to GM Tan, Mark, Priscilla and the whole of the WayOnNet Group for all your support and this wonderful opportunity.

This year we also introduced Advanced Tarot Classes which gave everyone more time to really build that confidence with reading and interpreting the cards.

Here is my gift upon arrival, they know me too well. I look forward to doing it all again, see you  next year Singapore!

The Love Witch Movie - June 2017

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Jessa Natasha RuWhen you bring three things together that I absolutely love to do I am there!

I had the good fortune to do Tarot Readings at the Lido Cinemas for guests that were there to see the movie "The Love Witch" a movie created and directed by Anna Biller.

It was set in the 60s, it is an art film, about a witch that creates love potions and gets into all sorts of lets say mischief! Stay tuned for special screenings eg: Solstice, or Valentines Day!

Here is a sample of the movie The Love Witch.



Tarot Book First View

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Book photo 005 bWell here it is! The first glimpse of what my Tarot book "Tarot Distinctions" will look like!

Tarot Distinctions will have its last review before going to print early in 2018.

This first draft is currently in Sydney at a Publishers Fair, then it will travel to China and Sth Africa to be part of more Publisher events, before I can get my hands on it in November!

To keep track on the where it is all up too, please subscribe to my Newsletter Revelations through my website.

Revelations August 2017

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Black Cat 4We have been waiting for the huge Solar Eclipse this month read what that all means for us. There is also Mercury going Retrograde and what does that all mean as well?

I always like to list a Calendar of Events each month and this dictates the theme of the newsletter. And all my latest New Classes, dates and times as well as special events and expos also listed.

Can you guess the theme for this month?

Click here for Revelations August 2017.

Escape Game

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Escape GameI heard about them and I wanted to experience them so I played my first Escape Game in Singapore with 3 of my friends.

The theme was very much like Indiana Jones and finding the lost treasure before the bad huys found us. We had an hour to find the key to escape. We were very close, we missed a few steps and then time ran out.

Would recommend them to anyone, they are fun to do. Have dinner afterwards and talk about the expeience.

Revelations July 2017

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National Tree Day 3Another Revelations newsletter completed! The theme for this month is all about the environment because we have National Tree Day and Plastic Free Day.

It will be a very intense month with major planets aspecting each other which could easily bring things to the boil. A need to be focused and calm this month of July.

Click here for Revelations July 2017 to read what the Tarot has to say about the environment and for all my class dates and times.

Mind Body Spirit Festival - Melb 2017

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Morning BreakyHow lucky are we to be able to be part of the huge MBS Festival in Melbourne once again!

Every year for the Queens Birthday 4 day long weekend we gather to do readings for those that are seeking answers.

Here are a few of us having morning breaky and getting fired up for the day!

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