More Than Just Walking - January 2018

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Queens Park Jan 18Our first walk for the new year 2018 already!

It was a muggy day and Carlos found it really tuff. I won't be taking him on the long walks anymore its too much for the old bugger now! Maybe in Winter time it will be better for him.

Check out the More Than Just Walking Facebook Goup for all the forthcoming dates.

Revelations January 2018

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2018Happy New Year!

There are 2 Supermoons for this month, what a way to begin the year!

All my new class dates are listed for the new year and I ask the Tarot what this year will bring.

Click here for Revelations January 2018.

More Than Just Walking - December 2017

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Ru Ninetta JamesIt was our last walk for another year! We didn't end up having our regular coffee becuase the Green Coffee Van man wasn't there.

Carlos has learned a new trick, he now just drops when he has had enough. At one stage we decided to have a little longer rest and listen to James music!

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Revelations December 2017

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Me TreeLast Revelations newsletter for the 2017 year!

Astrology - Keep the mood uplifted, have fun, be playful and you will have an awesome beginning to the new year!

Classes - All my new dates for all my classes are listed for the new year.

I would like to thank you all for a fabulous 2017 and here's to having another fabulous year in 2018!

Click here for Revelations December 2018.

doTerra Meeting - November 2017

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Mark NovemberSo grateful to have Mark Sheppard back in the house!

Tonight the topic was "Skin Disease." I like to challenge Mark with new topics so he can share his wealth of knowledge with us. Everyone has all sorts of skin disorders today and its good to know what oils or protocols to use.

Follow my Facebook group "My doTerra" for all future dates of these monthly workshops. Hope to see you there!

Tarot Distinction Book Handover

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Book HandoverFinally, my Tarot Distinctions Book is in my hands!

I met with Pat the Publisher and he handed it over to me. Mind you the book has travelled with my Publisher to Book Fairs in China, Sydney, Queensland and South Africa before I could physically hold it.

Now to give it one last once over for it last update before it goes to print!

To order yourself a copy, go to my Tarot Book page on my website for more details.

Christmas Party for WMIB

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WMIBI love doing readings at these events. Everyone is all dressed up and out to have some fun and I am part of it all.

It was impressive how many earthy Taurus, Virgo and Capricorns there were working for this Insurance Brokers firm. A couple of years ago, I was at the Converse Christmas party and they were all firey Aries, Leo and Sagittarians! Earth people love money and fire people like their sports fun!

Book Club - Jerry Presenting Gravity Workshop

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Jerrys workshop Dec 17 2I had great pleasure in hosting this event at my place. I hope I have the opportunity to host many more in the future.

Jerry Speiser kindly presented a workshop on Gravity & Relationships to all my Book Club friends.

It was the end of year meeting and what a way to end our 12th year studying the Law of Gravity.

Mind Body Spirit Festival - Melb Nov 2017

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Lunchtime at MBSLast Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne for the year!

Love getting together with my psychic family for breakfasts every morning, it helps us to align and get ready for the day ahead.

The readings were outstanding once again this festival. I was expecting them to me more intense because of the the New Moon in Scorpio energy over the weekend, and they were!


Dr Demartini - Melbourne November 2017

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Me  ScreenEverytime I have the opportunity to see Dr Demartini in Melbourne, I am there!

Tonight was about "9 Steps to Conquer Fear & Empower Leadership."

Very honoured to see and hear this Polymath in the flesh. I always come away with a wealth of knowledge, he really confirms and empowers me with my own work. Fabulous Mentor to have.

More Than Just Walking - November 2017

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Ninetta Ru VeronicaWe were out there again, on the Sunday morning! 

We have started a new routine where we stop half way round to have a coffee from the Man in the Green Coffee Bean van. And it gives us time to take our photo!

For more information please visit the "More Than Just Walking" Facebook group and I hope to see you at the next one!

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