RiverWalkers Started in 2009

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IMG 4410aThere are many reasons why we walk. hopefully its because you want to get fit and enjoy that warm sunshine on your back too!

No matter where you are, I would love to hear from you about your Walking treks. Follow RiverWalkers on Facebook and load your pictures and share your stories with all of us.

Photo L-R: Annalise (back row), Kylie and Mylissa (middle), Andre, Ruanna and Chuping

Mind Body Spirit Festival Nov 2009

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Ru Monie Jackie MBS bHere we are in Melbourne at the Mind Body and Spirit Festival with my dear friends that I have met through doing these wonderful festivals.

We grow so much every year, it is a huge responsibility and experience.

Photo L-R: Ruanna, Monie and Jackie

RiverWalkers in 2010

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IMG 4265aEvery month on a Sunday morning, usually around the 3rd Sunday of the month, a group of keen and health conscious people have been meeting to walk a 5 km walking loop along the Marybyrnong River in down town Aberfeldie, Melbourne, Australia.

We are a committed group and slowly forming supportive and fun friendships. The Purpose of RiverWalkers is to "Keep On Moving, Stay Fit, and Build a Supportive Network to Share your Journey with."

If you would like to join us, by all means give me a call on 0418 388 712 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the details.

Moonee Ponds Healers Market 2009

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July 4thThis Moonee Ponds monthly Healers Market was created by one of my students Louise Humpreys. Funds raised by this Healers Market goes to the Olivia Newton John Foundation.

Photo: Here I am at my table on the 4th July.

If ever you come along, please come on in, support the local market and have a cuppa with me!

CNTF Expo 2002

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IMG 4250a

In 2002 I was called upon to help raise funds for the Cancer Natural Therapy Foundation in Sunbury. During this time I lived in Kyneton and opened the Kyneton Metaphysical Centre.

I gathered all my friends and clients to hire a table on the day, did heaps of marketing and raised over $5,000 for the CNTF.

You can see here the local paper did a full spread for our day. We all advertised our little businesses and together we made a difference!

What a wonderful experience for me and what wonderful people to work with!
RIP Pam Arnold.

Kyneton Metaphysical Centre

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Ruanna Sue  MarilynIn 2002 I was very honoured to open the Kyneton Metaphysical Centre. It was a magical experience.

It took a lot of people coming together to make it happen and this was the energy of the shop...a cooperative venture with everyone feeling part of it. Everyone was responsible for different areas in looking after the business and we all had our 2 days each minding the shop.

Photo: Ruanna, Sue and Marilyn.

Here we are out the front of the Metaphyscial Centre on High St, Kyneton.

Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney 2009

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Merv Cimone MBS bHere I am with the coordinators of all the huge Psychic Readers stall at the Mind Body and Spirit festival in Sydney.

They sure have their work cut out for themselves, and they are soo professional, they look after over 60 Readers over the whole weekend and all of the clients needs as well.

Photo L-R: Ruanna, Cimone-Louise, Merv and Judy in Sydney Nov 2009

LunaBears Lads & Ladys 2009

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IMG 1859 b

LunaBears sponsors the Laos Bear Sancuatry through Free The Bears Foundation. All funds go to the rehabilition of the Bears and the upkeep of the Sancutary.

Here we are, picnic-ing at Queens Park, Moonee Ponds. This photo was also displayed in the Free the Bears Newsletter.

Back row L-R: Rachel, Jillian, Veronica
Middle row L-R: Kate, Natalie, Verity and Anita
Front row L-R: Ruanna and Wendy

Uluru an Auspicous Day 08-08-08

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2323232327Ffp5333vq3373432WSNRCG323893846855 vq0mrjYou just cannot get a better date than 08-08-08 to walk all the way around Uluru, I will remember this day forever!

There was about 20 of us from The Tarot Guild of Australia including a special US guest and my favourite Taroist Rachel Pollack from San Francisco.

We visited the Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), we camped by the camp fires, we visited wonderful gorges, we were very fortunate to visit a little cafe that housed many of Albert Namatjira famous artworks. Albert Namatjira is the best known of all the Aboriginal artists of Australia.

2323232327Ffp5335vq3373432WSNRCG323893843 34vq0mrjWe were introduced to Alice Springs and I feel I got to know a little bit more of her, thanks for the hospitality and for the wonderful memories. I will never forget the red soil, blue skies and the white ghost gum trees.

By the way, the Chinese opened the Olympics on this day, at 8.08pm, 08-08-08.

Meta Advertise for the Meta Centre

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IMG 4428a

Once we opened the Kyneton Metaphysical Centre, marketing was in full swing.

Here is a fabulous one page spread and editorial on the Metaphysical Centre by the local newspapers.

Everyone involved with the Meta Centre all contributed towards the advertisement which truly demonstrated the co-operative venture that we set ourselves up to be. By working together we attracted more!

Later on we even created a TV commercial for local stations and involved businesses from the whole of High Street!

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