Mind Body Spirit Festival - June 2020

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MBS June 20Well thats was different! Because of the lock down rules, we did the readings all online!

Here I am with my head set on. Worked over the whole weekend.

And we are doing it all again in July, it may be an ongoing thing! Remind me to get new ear pods!

Register with the MBS Festival and you will get notified.

Revelations June 2020

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Winter Solstice 6First day of Winter and its a chilly ol' day in Melbourne, wet and blistery winter day! I'm not going out in that weather today and Carlos is happy to stay warm on the couch as well!

This months issue highlights the Eclipses, Calendar of Events, and new Tarot classes commencing on Wednesday mornings.

For more reading visit: Revelations June 2020.

World Tarot Day 2020

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World Tarot Day

Have to celebrate World Tarot Day!

For guidance in your travels throughout your life time.

Picking a card a day is a good way to go!

To keep up to date with all my Tarot classes and latest news, follow me on my Tarot in Action Facebook Page.

Revelations May 2020

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Retrograge PlanetsDue to Covid19 all my classes have gone online. Thank you to all my students for being open to new ways of doing things.

In this issue, I have the Astrology Forecast for May, I ask the Tarots about Covid19 and the obligatory Environmental Calendar that I list each and every month.

I invite you to like both my Tarot in Action Group and my Tarot in Action Page on Facebook.

Visit Revelations May 2020 for more information.

More Than Just Walking - April 2020

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V and RHappy Easter everyone!

Even though we are in lockdown, we can stilll go for a walk with a friend, keeping our distance of course!

Enjoying the last rays of our Autumn sunshine walking around the Maribyrnong River.

Tarot and Astrology Online Classes

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IMG 20200330 184320 782Some big decisions were made and fast Zoom learnings went down real quick becuase Stage 3 of the social distancing came into effect, where only 2 people were allowed in the space.

All my classes have now gone online! Thank you to all my students (and puppies) that were open and flexible!

To keep up-to-date with the latest, visit Tarot in Action Facebook Page.

Singapore 2020

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Priscilla  RuUnfortunately, with all the lock downs there is no international travel this year, and don't know when this will resume either. But that won't stop us teaching Tarot in Singapore! Plans are already underway.

The world is changing and we are going with the flow.

Keep up to date with Classes in Singapore through my Tarot in Action Facebook Page.

GENI Foundation Meetings on Zoom

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GENI 002Yep, even our GENI Foundation monthly meetings have gone on Zoom! Normally we meetup at either Ascot Vale or in Mulgrave, but the lock-down restrictions has stopped that for a while.

As long we get the necessary work done!

For more information on our initiative visit: GENI Foundation Facebook Page

Back to Basics - Tarot Distinctions

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Book in B to BStudents purchasing my Tarot Distinctions book from Back to Basics, Williamstown.

And happy to send me a Pix to let me know the shop had it in stock.

"The lady who wrote that comes in this shop and she's absolutely fascinating and is an absolute master of tarot."

Thanks for the feedback, made my day!

Revelations April 2020

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Tarot Book and Video aThe world is in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

I asked what the Tarots had to say about it and the Astrology forecast for April sheds some positive light too.

Tarot Videos Package is available and all my classes have gone online which is a creative way of working through this social distancing, yes!

For more reading click on Revelations April 2020.

Book Club March 2020

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Book Club in ShopWell, this may be the last Book Club meeting for a while, or it may even go online!

Social distancing was adhered too!

Strange days we are living in, and happy to accomodate, whatever needs to happen, lets just do it together!

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