Hens Party on Grand Final Day is OK!

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Anya Grand Final DayWhat a fabulous idea for all the girls to get together on Grand Final day to have a Hens Party.

There were Tarot readings, Henna art, drinking fountains and delicious cakes all catered for the beautifully dressed guests.

For more information on your Hens Party, check out my Hens Party webpage.

Tarot Distinctions - Students Purchase & Teacher Happy!

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Ricky Rebecca Mary RuI love it when my students purchase my Tarot Distinctions book and it inspires them to create a new business for themselves!

Some people are just natually creative and good on them for taking the steps in manifesting a dream job for themselves, especially one that will assist others!

For your very own copy of my book pls visit my Tarot Book Page.


doTerra AromaTouch Technique - August 2018

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Kirsty Ru SwapWhat a treat! I slept like a baby after my AromaTouch Technique massage last night.

Thanks to Kirsty, we are swapping a massage every couple of months at the moment, getting our confidence up with this fabulous healing technique.

If you are interested in a massage using doTerra essential oils, please contact me for the details.

Otherwise please follow Mydoterra Facebook Group.

doterra Monthly Workshop - August 2018

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Golda Jolanta RuEvery month we meet to discuss all things doterra! Tonight we shared what it takes to prevent the Cold & Flu. 

It is Winter downunder and nearly everyone I see is feeling snuffly with runny noses. Time to turn this around!

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. More info check out MydoTerra Facebook page.

Revelations August 2018

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Full Moon Pisces 3I think this month will be awesome because I love the energy of Leo and we end the month with a Full Moon in Pisces! There are also 6 planets Retrograde which adds some calmness.

New Tarot and Astrology classes begin this month. My Tarot Distinctions book has gone international with my students in Singapore all now having copies of my book!

Click here for more Revelations August 2018.

doterra Monthly Workshop - September 2018

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Jay PresentationMy friend Jay kindly presented the workshop for us this September Meetup! We discussed how to enroll people and all the plans and commissions doTerra offers us.

I have a MydoTerra Facebook group where we all can share the latest info as well as a monthly meetup for us to meet and share in all our expereinces too.

Revelations September 2018

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Mercury in Virgo 2Last month we had many planets in Retrograde and this month we have up to 7 planets in the Element of Earth.

In the Calender of Events, International Day of Peace is huge. I also ask the Tarot cards what it has to say about these Special days. I love this day so much I hold a Reiki Swap Day for all my Reiki Students.

For more updates visit, Revelations for September 2018.

Movies - August 2018

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Ru and MoviesEvery Tuesday I take myself to the Cinemas to see a Movie. This is a treat I give to myself.

For those 3 hours I switch off the mobile and escape into the world of magic. Just perfect for a Pisces right?

I like all sorts of movies, Martial Arts one, sometimes I see the movie because I like the cast. Its all entertainment to me!

GENI Foundation Monthly MeetUp - August 2018

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Ron guest speaker 2We are starting to build traction at our Meetups! This evenings presentation was incredible with Ron Blakenforth.

There are fabulous projects making a difference out there and we need more people to know about this.

Please visit the GENI Foundation webpage for the video of this presentation or our Meetup page for more information and hopefully see you there!

Singapore Masterclasses - July 2018

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Master SignAnother successful year of presenting Tarot and Numerology in Singapore and we also added a new Tarot Practicum class this year to practice reading spreads and getting the confidence up!

It was wonderful to catch up with friends and make new friends and I got to visit many beautiful Temples this year.

Thank you Singapore, Way Fengshui Group and Priscilla for making it happen!

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