Astrology Classes

"We are all made out of star stuff."
-Carl Sagan

I find people that want to learn Astrology have had a love of Astrology for many years, they already know quite a bit, and many feel just not quite confident enough in putting it all together.

I teach Psychology Astrology, we go into many levels about the being of human beings. Understanding Astrology and how Humans work really adds deeper information to many other modalities such as Tarot readings. In fact a lot of my students continue to do my Astrology class after completing the Tarot program. We touch on Astrology in the Tarot program and this really assists with Astrology because of the connection with the Tarot.

The Art of Astrology Program
Discover your psyche within!

One reason why I decided to teach Astrology was because as they say, if you don't use it you will lose it, another was I kept getting asked to teach, and after teaching Tarot for so many years it seemed a natural progression.



Astrology books are expensive, but today with all the free Astrology spreadsheets and online services available free on the internet, I have been able to put together a 6 month Certificate Astrology program. I designed the program so that in 6 months you are able to read someone's Horoscope chart like you are reading a Tarot spread.

Learning Astrology is like learning a new language, and learning short hand when using all the glyphs. But when you get with others that understand Astrology too, you light up and want to share your Moon signs and Rising signs with each other, and have a conversation about what Mercury in Retrograde is bringing up for you to see and clear up, what sign the Full Moon is in, and other fascinating aspects that are happening in the heavens and how these combined energies are playing out in the world around them.



My love of Astrology forever grows:

  • Explore the wonderful world of Astrology
  • Discover the being of human beings
  • Make distinctions and practically use them
  • Understand the being of human beings

 What we will cover in class:

  • The Elements - The most important part of Astrology. You will see how the elements carry throughout, they have a base meaning and connection to all the other subjects.
  • The Zodiac - The wheel of time. The Zodiac signs are the 'how' in Astrology. How the planets will play in our lives. 12 signs to explore. How do we use these energies today?
  • The Planets - The actual energies, the 'What' in Astrology. The planets are the Gods and Goddess in Mythology. What are they trying to tell us?
  • The Houses - The 'Where' in Astrology. Where the planets will play out. Is it in your house of relationship? Your house of work? Your house of health?
  • The Aspects - Looking at all the interactions between the planets
  • Planets in retrogrades
  • The North & South Nodes
  • Plus much more...




The Art of Astrology Class fees are:

  • $58 per 2 hour class, pay as you go
  • 2 hours once a week
  • My classes go for approx 6-8 months
  • My aim is that in 6 months you are able to read someone's Astrology chart
  • No need to buy books
  • There are free astrology charts available online
  • This is a Certificate workshop

I usually run Astrology Classes on the following days:

  • Monday afternoon - 1pm - 3pm
  • Thursday morning - 10am - 12noon
  • Thursday evening - 7pm - 9pm



December 2021

"I can honestly say the Astology course with you was the most amazing and most enjoyable course i have ever done! I'm so happy I got to experience it and learn from you. I was reading through the notes again today and it was mind blowing all over again. It wasn't a course it was a life changing experience!" - Mira


February 2020

"Thanks for all you've taught me over the last 2 years. It has been so invaluable and life changing. I have learnt so much about myself with your very wise help and guidance. I will take it with me always and continue to learn and grow. - Kelly

August 2018

"Thank you Ruanna for the incredible journey! I've always had an interest in Astrology but by attending your classes I've learned so much. Your insight, wisdom, passion and grounded approach has helped me understand myself and others on a totally different level!! I feel a lot more comforatble in myself. It was kind of sad having my last class night but so grateful for the whole experience. Thanks again for your gift. -Sarah


July 2017

"Learning Astrology with Ruanna was such a pleasurable and fascinating experience. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain a firm foundation and solid understanding of the different areas of astrology and chart interpretation." -Kirsty


August 2016

"I am writing to thank YOU for your excellent program 'Psychology Astrology' and I am so glad to have taken your class. It was a subject matter I knew little about. After learning about the astrology it has honestly given me a new understanding of the world. Your extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and organization made the class a pleasure to attend and study for." -Erika


November 2011

"I always have loved Astrology and after Ruanna's 'Psycholocy Astrology' classes, I love it even more! Thank you Ruanna, it has given me greater insights and understandings of why we do the things we do, it really explains things for me. I love how the Natal chart has comes to life, it was like learning a whole new language but in 6 months I am so happy that I can read a Natal chart, just fascinating! -Natalie




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Or you can choose to learn Astrology Online via Skype classes. Note that I will have Astrology Videos available soon for you to learn from the comforts of your own home. 

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"Discover the hidden keys in the Tarot and experience profound personal growth" 
- Ruanna