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"I am already given to the power that rules my fate;
And I cling to nothing so I have nothing to defend;
I have no thoughts so I can see:
I fear nothing so I can remember myself:
Detached and at ease, I dart past the eagle to be free."
-Carlos Castenada

This workshop is ready to go, and I am looking forward to exploring Sorcery, Shamanic and Spiritual development practices with those that are seeking.

Many people over the years have asked me to do a Spiritual Development class and finally I have been able to pull away from the Tarot and Astrology enough to gather together all the other modalities and practices to create an exciting new program that covers the Spiritual, Shamanic and Sorcery methods.

I also wanted a program that was more hands on, practicing exercises on each other, more research work rather than writing and writing. Hence I have developed a 10 week program covering 10 main areas of Spiritual, Shamanic and Sorcery Development.

You will receive a folder with all subjects and headings already typed up, yes there is reading to do and then discussion, exploration and practice afterwards.



This class involves:

  • 10 week program
  • $60 per person, per 2 hour class, pay as you go
  • Includes written manual
  • This workshop is designed to be a hands-on approach.
  • A lot of exercises to perform and practise on each other.

A summary of subjects that we will be covering are:

Week 1: Tools of the Trade: Oils & Incense, Flowers, Toltec vs Hawaiian sorcery, Tarot Cards, Numerology, Your Manna, candles, crystals, Angels and Guides.

Week 2: Meditation: Why meditation & who meditates, discovering various Meditations, Roses, Vision Quests, Karma, Past Life Regression, Energy Balls.

Week 3: Sound & Song: Drumming, Bells & Singing Bowls, Music, Chanting & Singing, Osho Exercises, Swirliing Dervishes.

Week 4: Crystals: Healings, Wands excercise, how to clean your Crystals, Crystals & body Placements, Crsytals in sectors of your home, Clear Quartz, Crystal Balls.

Week 5: Chakras, Colours & Auras: Body Connections, Aura Photography, How to clean chakras, Mandala Exercises.

Week 6: Diving: Face & Palm readings, Pendulums, Psychometry, Intuition, Oracle, Altars & Spells.

Week 7: Spirit Connections: Animal Totems, Animal Dreaming, Loyal Familiars, Wizardry, Morgana & Merlin, Spirit is everywhere, Spirit Guides.

Week 8: Clearing Stuck Energies Within: Ear Candling, Smudging, Rescue remedies, Protection, cast a circle, Psychic Healings.

Week 9: Environment: Salt Lamps, Vegetarian, Moon magic, EMRs, Mobile & Computer protection.

Week 10. Earth Actions: What's next, Social Media & Networking, Precession, Gravity, The Secret Law of Attraction, Other Universal Law's.



February 2013

"Thanks, it was a fascinating journey"


July 2014
"You're very welcome Ruanna! I really love it too - it's in my office, and I still look at it every day. Still a few things to manifest, but on the whole, I could never have imagined when I put it together that I would have a hugely successful business as a result." -Kellie


To book in to do this SSS class or if you have any questions please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact me on mobile 0418 388 712. Or subscribe to my monthly newsletter Revelations for the latest dates and times.



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